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There's some people on deviantart with some sprite resources, but they don't have anything for clothes yet. Is it down for good? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Is anybody else having this issue or?

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It appears that it was taken down because of copyright, but if I remember correctly, the owner of Bannedstory had full permission from Nexon.


It's also all html based and I don't even know if there's a way to pull the sprite out as an image. There goes a great resource, sigh. Now that the site is down, perhaps the owner could actually release it as a download.

Why can't they just take the time to sit down and listen to my version of a speech bannedsttory the mayor or the president made?

No way it isn't on there. How do you bannedstogy it was taken down because of copyright? There's some people on deviantart with some sprite resources, but they don't have anything for clothes yet. What's the community's reaction to this? Your lord and Savior is here: Am i installing this in a wrong way?

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BTW, I mentioned about this sprite simulator site on another thread bannefstory, but it was removed because i got a note that said "We do not allow the talk of 3rd party software that may have taken assets from the game without permission.

Thank you for your patience. I used it yesterday. I remember that site.

There is currently A petition for those who want to save it https: Is anybody else having this issue or? The Maple animating community might have gotten smaller over the years, but I know that there are still many Maple animators and artists that used the site to create their works.

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That honestly makes me quite sad as I also had fun animating with MS sprites over the years. Maplestory subscribe unsubscribe 44, readers users here now Need a guide?

Is there an alternative that we don't know about? That's quite a shame. After MapleMe was shut down, Bannedstory became the only site for Maple Animators to get their resources. July edited July News flash it had permission to use MapleStory's sprites and assets from the start ever since Nexon approved of it!

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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of bannedstoty. Read subreddit rules Follow the reddiquette Search before you post Report users who don't respect rules Contact moderators if you can't see your posts or your comments Do not: There used to be an offline version of bannef story, they should still be floating around somewhere. Not sure if you're aware or not, But some people made another online program like Bahnedstory called MapleStory: June edited June Does anyone know how long will this be?

June edited June in General Chat.

Is it down for good? Now that that's gone, many animators i know are panicking a bit including me. Bannedstory seems to have been shut down, I don't know if it's a temporary thing or permanent banneedstory. BannedStory is one of the best things I have, and many other, used for many purposes.

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