Lepa brena stakleno zvono

The movie had the same name as the album. Brena broke her leg in a skiing accident in November and it took six months for her to heal. Bato, Bato and Hajde da se volimo —

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Lepa Brena

In Lepshe was forced to cancel three months of scheduled concerts to deal with further complications with her illness. Lepa Brena and Slati Greh held more than concerts yearly, and would often hold two concerts in one day. Based on the success of the original, two sequels were produced: Hajde da se volimo 2 and Hajde da se volimo 3which was followed by the studio album Boli me uvo za sve. This idea was successfully implemented in when the motion picture Hajde da se volimo was filmed.

After the debacle and family drama, she went on hiatus once again, zvvono eight years, living between Belgrade and the American city Miami, Florida with her family. Today I am Fahreta.

The first, Izvorne i novokomponovane narodne pesme was released in December She subsequently moved to Novi Sad and then to Belgrade. The lavish ceremony took place at Belgrade's InterContinental Hotel. She was again hospitalized on 25 July while at holiday in the Croatian resort of Novi Vinodolski where she fell down the stairs and broke both arms.

She dedicated the album to her ailing mother Ifeta, who sang folk songs to her when she was a child. Their very public relationship has been providing steady fodder for various tabloid publications ever since.

After that, she recorded two more solo albums: Ja nemam drugi dom and Grand Production — On 2 JanuaryBrena again fell down the stairs during a family vacation at Zlatibor and hurt her hrena.

Stak,eno broke her leg in a skiing accident in November and it took six months for her to heal. Several tabloids claimed she had converted from Islam to Serbian Orthodoxy and had changed her name from Fahreta to Jelena. At the start of the Bosnian War inher sister Faketa escaped to Canada, where she lives today, while Brena stayed in Belgrade where she had been living since Brena became co-founder of the Serbian record label Grand Production, which was formerly known as Zabava miliona ZaMin December Beginning inBrena started recording sessions for two studio albums.

In addition to the title song, the album had a couple of other hit songs: Brena arrived in Sarajevo two days before the concert so that she could enjoy the city with friends before the concert. After they paid a ransom of 2, Deutsche Marks in cash, he was released, having been held for five days. In the month after that album's release, Brena premiered two other songs: Contents Lepa brena razgovor sa rtrs 15 8 15 Lepa brena talk oepa telering obn tv 15 02 Early life — Their second son Viktor was born 30 March Brena was one of the main tabloid targets at the time, as she was a Bosnian Muslim who sang and spoke in the Serbian Ekavian dialect and married a Serb man.

Siddhesh Joshi Editor I am a simple man trying to live a simple life!!!!!! In earlyat the age of 19, Fahreta began singing with a band called Lira Show when the group's original singer Spasa left the band because her husband, a boxer, did not want his wife to be a singer.

Their next three albums, Pile moje and Voli me, voli and Uske pantalone both would propel her to the throne of the Yugoslav music scene.

The movie had the same name as the album. She identifies as Yugoslav and has called herself Yugonostalgic.

Lepa Brena - Stakleno zvono lyrics

I was and stay what I am. Slatki Greh and career beginnings — By the end ofLepa Brena had become the star of Belgrade social jet-set, and the most successful public btena in Yugoslavia. Since her career began inshe has become arguably the most popular singer of the former Yugoslavia, and a top-selling female recording artist with more than 40 million records sold.

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