For more information on user levels, see the ProtoShare User Guide. Even if fewer users want to use the app than your Atlassian product license, the two licenses should match exactly. Mobile prototypes can also be linked to a handheld mobile device's browser for app simulation.

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Site9 | ProtoShare

For more information on user levels, see the ProtoShare User Guide. There should be a choice to turn this off. You can easily cancel your account within ProtoShare. This app does not protoshqre a a Data Center approved version.

It enables individuals and companies to visualize project requirements by building website wireframes protoshate application prototypes that team members and stakeholders can then review and comment on in real-time. See the User Guide for more information about this feature.

Mockups for Google Drive | ProtoShare

If the project role 'ProtoShare' is not defined, all users will see the ProtoShare plugin in all projects.

Community and open-source licenses are available for server apps. InSite9 moved to Oregon and switched its focus to software product development. Protooshare is prtooshare limit on how many people can use or simultaneously access ProtoShare, but Page and Template editing are intended as single user activities.

Additional Business Features include: Quickly create interactive mobile prototypes that users can experience directy on their mobile device. Save time by re-using work created in ProtoShare.

ProtoShare Mockups for Drive

His law degree is now put to good use laying down the law for his daughter, Zoe. Keep Existing Processes ProtoShare is easily incorporated prktoshare your existing process and will help improve efficiency. If the role 'ProtoShare' is defined, then only users who have that role assigned for a given project will see the ProtoShare plugin in that project.

Projects are groups of wireframesprototypesand associated users. It would have been really helpful. Mobile prototypes can also be linked to a handheld mobile device's browser for app simulation. Sorry for the problems you encountered, but thanks for letting us know! You can also create a library of reusable Templates, Masters, and Assets for increased productivity and consistency across teams and projects.

Use the built in collaboration for feedback, idea generation and to document decisions. As for the RIA components - that is a limitation of the Confluence editor that we don't currently have a way to fix.

Site9 was founded in in Chicago, Illinois as a web development company. It is not understandable why this important feature is not available and why it is not planned. Learn more about community and open source licenses.

Documentation Find out how this app works. Most of the time it gets in the way.

To cancel your account, select Billing Details from the dashboard in your ProtoShare siteand in the plan details section, you'll see the "Cancel My Account" link. Protosbare fully functioning interactive mockups in your Confluence pages. Fixed a bug that caused design previews to be badly clipped. ProtoShare is a collaborative software tool from Site9, Inc. Josh Chaney believes in the lost art of listening and works with clients as a consultant to ensure their expectations are always exceeded.

Community Community discussions connect you to the vendor and other customers who use this app. Export mobile prototype for view on relevant device Business Edition only.

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