Ashrae standards 62.2

If you have reason to suspect that your situation is outside the norm steam sauna, indoor pool, high occupancy etc. The best option is using the range hood as both the continuous ventilation and local exhaust solution. Air King offers multiple range hood options that provide barely audible continuous whole house ventilation on low speed while effectively clearing the air on the normal operating and high-speeds.

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They can be set on-site to the specific ventilation need of stamdards home, ensuring the residence will pass a blower door test if done. Ventilation is not intended to overcome obvious defects such as a leaky basement; proper repairs are required. Whole House Ventilation - Exhaust Fans If a range hood is not a suitable solution, the whole house ventilation can be solved using a ceiling mounted exhaust fan.

Air King has introduced several new products with larger diameter duct connections 50 cfm 4" duct, 80 cfm 6" duct to make compliance easy. Exhausting stale indoor air and replacing it with fresh outdoor air. Automated ventilation ensures ashtae the fan is being utilized does not require the residents to turn the fan on or off and simplifies the process.

Looking for previous revisions? Always check your local codes before installing any ventilation equipment. Air suggest using a sshrae speed model that can be adjusted on site.

Standards 62.1 & 62.2

In kitchens, a minimum of CFM is required. The three primary sets involve whole-building ventilation, local demand-controlled exhaust, and source control. Air King offers multiple range hood options that provide barely audible continuous whole house ventilation on low speed while effectively clearing the air on the normal operating and high-speeds.

Find previous editions in the 'Document History' section of the Again, Air King has multiple models to choose from.

As in the previous editions of this standard, there are three primary sets of requirements and a number of secondary standardd. Learn more by clicking here. Preventing outside contaminates from entering the home - storing paint, gasoline, etc.

Read-Only Versions of ASHRAE Standards

A great upgrade is to install an automated ventilation product that ashrqe motion sensors, humidity sensors or both. To learn about a few of the Air King automated ventilation options, click on the links below. The whole house fan flow rate is determined based on the floor space and the number of bedrooms.

The recommendations made here cover the most common situations and in our opinion represent the best way to meet the intent of the standard, derive the greatest benefit and also balance cost, complexity, operational simplicity, ease of installation and other factors.

In most cases the exhaust fan will be located in a central location of the home and will run continuously, so you want it to be quiet. First published in as Standard 62, Standard Exhausting high levels of contaminates and moisture typically associated with cooking, bathrooms, etc. Other changes to the edition include the following: The recommendations that follow are for most common conditions, extreme conditions require additional consideration.

This results stzndards lower energy usage due to low resistance to flow and strong likelihood that installed performance will match design. More Resources Many other details for proper design regarding solid fuel appliances, dryer exhaust, filters, air intakes, instructions for occupants, etc. The operation can be continuous or intermittent much higher airflow cycled by a timer if 1 sone or less. Whole House Ventilation The exhaust fan dilutes the air in the standatds living spaces with outside air to remove unavoidable contaminants from people, pets, cleaning, offgassing, etc.

Other changes to the edition include the following:. A revised definition of "environmental tobacco smoke" ETS to include emissions from electronic smoking devices and the smoking of cannabis Revised operations and maintenance requirements to better align Standard The standard has three main components: Learn more by clicking on the links below. Note that 3" ductwork is almost never suitable by these recommendations. The fan must also be sized to effectively exhaust ashraw area.

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