Chris cobbins hello world

Worth It - Single. Much Luv, Shon Flowers. Cobbins refuses to allow fear and naysayers to keep him on the ledge of life.

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This album grabs you from the opening track, Wake Up, and keeps your attention to the very last track Killer, which deals with verbal abuse. Previous article Canon 'Mad Haven' Li.

Chris Cobbins - Hello World

Finally, a change of pace! Chris Cobbins — Hello World. CStraight currently resides in Jacksonville, FL with his wife and two daughters. Much Luv, Shon Flowers. Kudos to Tha Kracken for making tracks that were culturally relevant without sounding cheesy, as one problem with making songs that sound culturally relevant is that it can sound like the producer is just copying the most popular music elements of the time GIANT thumbs down to that.

But because of artist like Chris Cobbins, I realized that Christian music was not what I thought it was. The song "Dance" is my jam!!! Chris Cobbins is the Christian Usher. I can be somewhat critical of rap that is more inspirational than meaty because rapping involves a lot more words per minute than singing, but I recognize how difficult it is to pack an entire album full of SUPER DEEP songs.

Hello World stands strong as a first full offering of music to the world from Chris Cobbins. But from a concept of what this album represents, this is a great introduction of who the real Chris Cobbins is to the xhris. He has a passion for authentic rap about the Gospel and collaborates with all genres of Christian music with his production company - Man of God Productions.

Aye Yah I'm buying this album!

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Cobbins has smashed countless features for some of the best in CHH. Even With Evil With Me.

This album will have you dancing, or trying to dance, bobbing your head, or simply tapping your foot the whole way through. This is easy one of my favorite albums of the year. You may also like. And there are enough common, Christian references in them that you can understand what he is talking about. Can't wait till this album drops! Allow me to explain. Hello Cnris is a body of work that knows no color, race, or background.

Channel - Next article. His music would fall into the "pop" category, as we all know the pop category is a very large category that has a lot of different types of music. There was more to the world of Christian music than sitting around the campfire singing to an acoustic guitar.

‎Hello World by Chris Cobbins on iTunes

Take 2 - EP. You will not be disappointed. This song has so much appeal and could easily be played on any radio station across the globe.

Hello World is an album in which Chris is able to flex his creative muscles, both lyrically and stylistically. This is the sound he has been shooting for with some of his other releases. Next article B-Luv — Growth. You know I curis to start with the musicality first. Hello World is a befitting title because Cobbins is introducing himself as the new face of urban Christian music and reintroduce himself to his faithful followers.

Most the songs are great! HelloWorld is the debut album from Chris Cobbins.

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