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Arabic Script - Exact matching produces successful results. If you intend to use a mapping application with iBase , then in most cases you must install the mapping application first. There are sophisticated visual query facilities that allow you to construct queries as simple or as complicated as you need to reveal the information in your database.

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Videos Watch videos to learn more about this product. If these products are installed on your machine, you can use:. When the databases have the same structures but different data, incorrect information is retrieved for records mapped from a database that is not currently open.

When the databases have different structures and data, the user will see a permissions error message if an entity or link type with the same three-letter identifier does not exist in the open database.

IBM i2 iBase - Overview - United States

IBM supports this product in the English language on the following regional versions of the supported operating systems: Setting up access allows you to specify the proxy within the Configure Database dialog. Entering data As a database application you can do all the things you would expect, such as adding records, deleting records, and importing, and exporting records.

You cannot open a non-Unicode iBase database that was created in a different language environment from your own environment's language. To install IBM i2 software at version 8. Design and administer iBase databases and security files. Central and Eastern European Script - Exact and spelled-like ihase produces successful results. There are sophisticated visual query facilities that allow you to construct queries as simple or as complicated as you need to reveal the information in your database.

The necessary additional entries are made to the database to store the mapping configuration information. Acquire and manage data Flexible data acquisition and management capabilities and automated task driven analysis facilitate data acquisition, importing and modeling for further analysis.

Uncover hidden connections faster and help analysts deliver timely and actionable results. To allow MapInfo users who log on as ordinary users rather than as Administrators to plot data, you must give them write access to the file i2. East Asian Ibaee - Exact matching produces mixed results. To find a ibade version of this document, access the Release Material section of the IBM Knowledge Centerand ensure that you select the correct version at the top of the page. Arabic Script - Exact matching produces successful results.

Northgate Information Solutions blue 8 xd. Alerting jobs should be stopped before the import starts, and started again when the import has completed. Microsoft discontinued Microsoft MapPoint at the end ofand the maps that are supplied will no longer be updated.

Overview of IBM i2 iBase

Exact matching works, however, in whole character sequences, for example the equivalent to English sentences. Expert resources to help you succeed.

An application plug-in failed to load: Custom You can select which parts of iBase you require. For information about hardware and software compatibility, see the detailed system requirements at http: Running a query to find all entities or links in the vicinity of an entity or link on the map might return records on an unrelated area of the map.

Links represent ibaase between entities, such as 'shareholder' and 'account holder'.

Contact us for pricing. Community Get technical tips and insights from others who use this product. Videos Watch videos to learn more about this product.

IBM i2 iBase product

At each Subscriber, configure Plate Analysis: Known problems At the time of publication, the following problems were known: Quickly deploy to production Rapid out of the box deployment, a flexible data model and intuitive user design help teams experience the benefits of i2 iBase quickly.

Analysis is made easy in a number of ways; entities and links can be grouped together in a variety of ways using sets. The indexing process that is employed by Search is heavily reliant on word boundaries for example a space.

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