Select the title s of interest. Thanks for the excellent app! Then press the circular to DVD icon.

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AndreAPL May 09 Nautilus right click on the iso or K3b.

When I open k9copy and choose. Archived from the original on May 12, To copy a normal DVD and shrink it down to 4. Background Buddy - Utilities. One reason still persists. So, back to a windows tool: Is it that unusual k9cipy someone wants more than one language? I am using ubuntu intrepid amd Shirakawasuna 9 years ago I love the 'remove menus' option in kcopy Wizard, it's perfect for my backups!

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K9Copy for Ubuntu - Download

StartUp Manager - Utilities. BorgQueen Aug 13 Development was resumed inunder the project listing of K9copy-reloaded at Sourceforge.

The KDE3 version is perfect proportion as the original, but the KDE4 version is compressed slightly horizontally, not sure if this is the k9copt or what, but I always keep preserve Aspect Ratio checked and use the same output width as under k9ckpy KDE3 version.

Candidate for Deletion This article may not be appropriate for this wiki, and may be deleted. K9Copy is no more under active development since July 24, More Utilities from jnmchlptt: It has the following features: Optical disc image software.

The dvd did finish burning however.

Installing K9Copy from the Repositories

Utilities Source link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work: Thanks for great application. Because i would like to rip english AND german track i must use a windows software kc9opy NO linux app can do more than one audio tracks. Add the source-code for this project on git.

Retrieved from " https: Am I missing something, or is it a bug? I sent a backtrace to k9copt developer, seems related to solid. Perhaps under the 'DVD' section, you could have an 'always remove Menus' option?

I found no way to encode files to any other container than avi.

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