The next phase is the follow-up phase. Log in or sign up in seconds. Hello guys, I'm DRT Ice Penguin and I decided to get all the info from the videos of Leaguecraft and put it all in text to people that don't like to watch videos, so here you have it: The same goes for everyone else — not all teamfights are worth fighting.

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They also expand on things a little bit more. Leaguecrraft a fight; the fight can start with 1v5; carries do not go in Follow Up Initiation: After leveling up, immediately go in for a surprise engage. Click here to register your self-updating rank flair. Do I have enough HP to not get bursted? Mid Game and Rotations [ Do not force dives under difficult circumstances as the chance of failure is very high.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. You should skip Raptors on your first clears as they deal a lot of damage to any jungler without strong AoE CC, and you should skip Golems because they simple take too long to kill. Is their exhaust up? I think it's a more streamlined version of the lectures. If your lane opponent lost their turret you should roam mid or bot so you can put pressure on Dragon. Congratulations, you have now outplayed them.

This post is LONG! Leaguecraftt first phase of a teamfight is the direct initiation. Leeaguecraft bigger, but stronger. The next phase is the follow-up phase.

To do that, you must apply the trading stance from episode 1 repeatedly while only attacking their minions when they are about to die.

Read the TL;DW of episode 18 and 19 in my comment below. Needless to say, you should also pay attention to the leagueceaft of your teammates and enemies.


For example, you can use the level 6 all-in tactic for an easy kill. If you were the medieval knight and had lfaguecraft choose between fighting with a sharp sword and no shield or a normal sword and a shield, what would you choose?

When combined with vision control you can completely dominate the map.

This is very important, because people are much less likely to participate in fights or contest objectives if they have limited vision. The amount of times I'll engage on an enemy and get "wow that lucky level 6", no it's not luck, it's called timing. A game is won by using your item advantage to bring down Dragons and towers — not by simply being richer than the opponents.

Leaguecraft : summonerschool

If someone can link lezguecraft I'd be happy to read it. Mentoring Thread Patch 8. One way to prevent them from farming is by standing in front of the minion wave.

In league roaming for a kill off chance might not be much more valuable than just farming would have been, as far as gold goes.

I think cheese roam is accurate if you use the definition of cheese as a strategy reliant on the opponent being unprepared or not expecting it. Dash to an isolated target to force a fight; QSS only if they turn for you; lwaguecraft do it if you know you will win the fight Direct Initiate Option 3: Calculate what you can get away with.

This also applies to bans. But trading gold for a kill gives a lot more map presence and drains morale from the enemy team to yours.

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