But there is almost no unifying principle. Pierre and Miquelon St. This is a significant warning sign suggested that OpenIAM information is kept inside the team and it is not publically communicated. The advantage of this approach is good flexibility.

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CID opfniam text field for keeping extra info: Which makes OpenIAM not suitable for deployments that require scalability customer identity management, telco, large public sector deployments, academia, etc. You prefer open source projects. Anything that does not fit into that model requires programming. The source code also contains binary JAR files which is generally considered to be a bad practice.

OpenIAM: Authentication with Gemalto SafeNet Solutions

This is idea which obviously originated in Waveset and was one of the basic characteristics of SunIDM. The source code of the connectors is nowhere to be found.

Thank you for your interest in our products. As OpenIAM uses proprietary connectors the whole system is almost completely useless without them.

And tight workflow integration was one of the reasons. Pierre and Miquelon St. Also there is almost no architectural and developer documentation.

No other evaluated product has such an over-engineered architecture. Cookie Tag hidden text field for keeping extra info: There are doubts about how open the OpenIAM really is. But openism idea proved to be a bad one.

OpenIAM: Authentication with Gemalto SafeNet Solutions

OpenIAM supports very basic authorization model. There are step-by-step guides, screenshots and videos.

The advantage of this approach is good flexibility. SE Keyword hidden text openam for keeping extra info: By default the "About Safenet" menu will appear. Which makes it quite unique among all the evaluated products. Every action can be modified using a workflow code. Contributing to this project is most likely going to be very difficult. We can only guess that this ability is similar to the ability to synchronize organizational structure.

Crucial parts of the system are not publicly available in source code form.

OpenIAM IDM Community Edition

This is only feasible for very simple deployments. Perhaps the best approach would be to contact OpenIAM authors and ask for an explanation.

You have limited hardware resources. OpenIAM contains a workflow engine. We have considered to leave the OpenIAM out of this evaluation completely. While Syncope has an option how to turn off the workflow OpenIAM does not seem to support this option. OpenIAM seems to be tightly bound to a relational database model. There source code comments are also mostly missing.

If you already have good experience with ESB-based architectures.

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