Belakor of breath and bone

The lyrics are quite good though, with a surplus of thoughtful, introspective imagery aligned to the sad emotions of the guitars. Considering the band's sheer sense of extravagance, it'd be a positive to let these two experiment more, because as it stands I felt like I was too reliant on the guitar's melodies to really rip through my memory, which only happened about half the time I was listening through them. All lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only. On Of Breath and Bone , their excellent third release, they come in thick and fast. Be'lakor are a soulless Dark Tranquillity clone who have managed to suck all of the life out of melodic death metal.

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The lyrics are quite good though, with a surplus of thoughtful, introspective imagery aligned to the sad emotions of the guitars. I'm already lusting for Be'lakor's fourth album.

The whole album flows together like Pure Holocaust, if my Gogear didn't take a second to change tracks it would sound like one big medley, and a great one.

There's a certain, essential part of melodic death metal that this simply lacks. To Stir The Sea Of Breath and Bone is a belakoor consistent album, with oodles of riffs through its course, but they tend to remain within a certain safety an. Subscribe to Metal Injection on.

The songs are long, not out of necessity to deliver their message, but because it seems like the band wanted to play belakr riff twice as much as it needed to be played because they couldn't figure out how to write enough transitions in the first place. In essence, a lot happens, and it's a long record, but there's a point to it all; not a lot of groups are ambitious and successful like Be'lakor.

At its worst, it feels a lot more like a B-grade historical documentary.

It rarely surprises, but always satisfies. By Moon And Star. Be'lakor is an alluring figure.

Be'lakor - Of Breath and Bone - Reviews - Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

Of Breath and Bone Be'lakor. This vocalist has none of that, only a slight enunciation that makes each syllable almost intelligible and occasionally dragging a word to indicate that he knows that growls can be more than mere barking, but he never does otherwise. The guttural vocals, riffs, guitar patterns, vast array of keys, drum fills and bass plucking might not be the best ever, brsath overtly innovative, but everything here is combined in a boen effective way to create epic pieces of melancholic, absorbing melodeath.

ZodijackylMay 3rd, If you like Be'lakor, you may also like:. Purchase includes high-res album booklet, containing album art and lyrics.

Quick Review: BE'LAKOR Of Breath and Bone

Neither squeaky clean nor too raw, the sound is thick and dense, allowing each instrument just enough room to breathe. They often spend time producing captivating lead guitar melodies hovering over rhythm sections before exploding into standard melodic death metal riffs and then evaporating into interludes that are soft, eblakor, and introspective, perhaps.

It is also not too technical or flashy, as something by Arsis or the like. Katimavik86 Not going to pick a favourite track because this release is solid from beginning to end. The Dream And The Waking 8.

Be’lakor – Of Breath and Bone Review

About a minute and a half in, clean guitar and a mournful bass line deepen the colors. By Moon And Star Like a non-dairy Amon AmarthOf Breath and Bone is loaded with hooks and propulsive, sometimes unsettling, syncopated guitar rhythms, paired with haunting, evocative melodies worthy of Insomnium. Sophistication and good taste is also found in great measure on the music here.

The drums also follow greatly, pounding and blasting like thunder, and adding it's own flourish. At times, the individual tracks can seem to bleed into each other, leaving the listener with one very long song. Though I enjoy the clean production of the rhythm section, and don't find the pair lacking in terms of their prowess, I do feel like they're constantly being outclassed by the guitar progressions, pianos and other atmospheric glints peppered about the corpulent 56 minute run time.

The instrumental interlude "To Stir the Sea" is a good example, with flutes, acoustics and synthesizers that brsath cutesy but hardly hypnotic in structure. The tracks remain long and complex, bearing multiple changes in pace and mood, seven of the eight pieces of music here lasting six minutes or more.

Great production bpne song crafting make this a return album over and over. Some of the world's best recent melodic doom, from Australia! The only real issue with the album is that keyboardist Steven Merry seems to have been turned right the hell down in the mix.

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