What technology for building Web Services in Microsoft. NET assembly browser and decompiler. The Future is Behind Artificial Intelligence.

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Programming Using the Google DataTable. It can debug even itself or the codeteflect of the. Assembly Analyzer is a tool for analyzing the metadata and resources within a. Have a nice day! What technology for building Web Services in Microsoft. Quit similar like minification in javascript which chooses random names for function and variables. March 13, at It has full support for generics, and support some debugging symbol forma.

The Future is Behind Artificial Intelligence. Direct SQL Access vs. The most recent release of JustDecompile is faster and more correct than other.

List of IL disassemblers

Home About the blog Projects. Peter Wibeck's blog Why invent the wheel again when someone else already have done it. I have no idea what's up with this, lots of random characters everywhere.

Feel free to contact me or know more in the about section. NET assembly browser and decompiler. It lets you take an existing compiled assembly.

Nothing wrong with this one. Net Wrapper 23 Dec, Net Decompiler is a commercial tool that offers a productivity package for.

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NET assembly browsing and decompiling. It uses the Mirror library source included for loading assembly metadata and other Portable Executable-format files. The only constant is change 11 Jun, JustDecompile and ILSspy are the only tool that support to save the decompiled code as a visual studio project with can be very useful in some cases.

If you want that little extra as saving to Visual Studio project and windows explorer context menu integration, then JustDecompile is the product. Decompilation output comparison An example of decompiling the File class in mscorelib. You need to click on every method name to see the implementation.

CodeReflect Free .NET Decompiler

How is Scrum different from Spiral Methodology? The other major difference is that JustDecompile sort all methods in alphabetic order.

Project Manager or Product Manager: While JustDecompile is free, it is not open source. WCF 3 Nov, JustDecompile is a standalone tool and it coxereflect not require Visual Studio. A decompiler performs, as far as possible, the reverse operation to that of a compiler. What i really like with dotPeek is that it use normal Visual Studio shortcuts as for example F12 to got to declaration. Let's say we have 2 different.

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