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Reports Allow Up to 3 Filters At Top Using the Change Filters button, up to 3 filters can be shown at the top of a report on the Reporting tab allowing easy selection of whichever a user decides are the most important filters. As with our previous versions, all our reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel. A CustomerAccountNumber field has been added to the template editor to allow the account number to be included on templates.

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Any other value turns off Use Credit Limit. User can change fonts, edit label text, move and delete items on the invoice such as the company name, terms and titles of fields.

This has now been improved.

Invoicing Software | Invoice Software - with multiple Invoice Templates

Added new housekeeping function to allow users to pack and optimise company files in order to maintain performance. V3 of SliQ Submitter Plus includes all the features of the old version 2 and adds a number of significant improvements making it an even better directory submitter: Whether you produce a handful or a hundred invoices per month, SliQ Invoicing and Quoting can help you.

Calculated Due Dates on Recurring Invoices When recurring invoices are created that use the due rate mechanism instead of payment terms, the due dates for invoices raised are now calculated by taking the offset of the due date of the original recurring transaction from the date of the transaction.

Search on Custom Strings When searching on the main lists, e. Name Already in SliQ. When your payment has been authorised we will email you an unlock code allowing you to unlock SliQ Invoicing.

For more information on the new features in version invoicong, check out our Release History page. When a PDF of a statement is created, the customer name will be included in the filename if it is possible to form a valid Windows filename from the customer name.

Register as an affiliate to find out more about easy, low-effort ways of promoting our software and earning money. Delivery Note Number For invoice templates, a field can be added that shows the delivery note number name DeliveryNoteNumber corresponding to the invoice.

SliQ Invoicing Release History for Versions 2 and 3

It is now possible to copy pluw customer details, i. To show this default filter on an existing report, select the Debtor Summary Report on the Reports tab and then press invoicinf Default button in the toolbar. Invoices can now be printed as delivery notes without price information. It helps you produce your invoices using your own bespoke templates and engage closely with your customers for the ultimate goal — being paid on time.

To set the continuation page offset, edit the template in SliQ Invoicing Plus and click on the background of the template to show the main form properties.

SliQ Invoicing Software

Text email templates can now be specified for emails, i. V3 contains many more improvements including support for more recent directory scripts, the ability to specify category words as well as keywords, increased numbers of threads for submissions and invoicinf improved directory analyser for adding customer directories.

In V2 you can choose to save a company file in any location you like by pressing the SliQ start button and choosing Save Company As.

A number of performance improvements have been implemented. An example of the use of this field is where the user is invoicing for hours and wants to show the total number of hours worked on the invoice. Product Reports All product reports can now be filtered by date.

SliQ Invoicing Plus 3 4.2.1

Print and PDF in Portrait and Landscape Format There are now options in the toolbar on the Reporting tab to allow the user to choose whether to print and pdf reports in portrait or landscape format. It is now possible to configure the next number to be used when creating a new invoice, quote etc.

If a password is specified, SliQ will prompt for slkq password whenever the file is opened. Invoice Payment Term can now be replaced by a Due Date While editing an invoice, it is now possible to choose to specify a due date, e. Date Can be Set When Allocating Credit Notes When a credit note is used as a payment against an invoice, it is now possible to set the date for the allocation. For more information on our online invoicing software, please visit: Windows 8 Overview July 3rd, No comments.

SliQ now supports new keyboard shortcuts.

The new generator will be automatically used after V5. This allows reminders to be created, e.

When the margin calculator is enabled and configured, if the cost price of a product is edited, SliQ automatically calculates the sales price for the product.

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