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Derrick Collins Metal clock doesn't work. Wallpaper package to support WhatsApp MessengerTo use our. Faisca Art See More. Any way, thnx for a nice looking launcher. Next Launcher Theme Christmas.

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Wallpaper package to support WhatsApp MessengerTo use our. Faisca Art See More. Next Launcher Theme Platinum. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

This application is a "theme" for the launcher "TSF Shell". Clock looks really good, except the "time" part could maybe be blue like the seconds ring.

TSF Shell HD Theme Zaphire 3D APK version | appsmarketing.mobi

CM Launcher 3D, 4. Features on the Go. This is the real thing! Its faithful to the new KitKat 4. But a few things are irritating.

Extremely detailed and high quality elegant and modern theme with high definition graphics including a pack of HD icons, 11 custom themed HD wallpapers, and a themed clock widget, to give very detailed and defined graphics even in devices with the highest resolution screens. Jim Rob Good one. Next Launcher Theme Metalcraft.

TSF Shell Theme Carbon HD 2.3 APK

It's a little bit hard to see with the shine of the clock itself. Make TSF launcher more. Next Launcher Theme Christmas. In the description it says 45 meg but when installed it uses a massive meg! I installed, then, uninstalled. Thank you for your support! No risk of hidden malaware. I like the fire though when they're not working Karl Bell MB?

Gradient theme, 99 beautiful icons ,4 HD wallpapers. Next Launcher Theme Techno 3D. Customise your phone for the holidays with this new elegant, warm and colorful. Roll back your memories with Vintage look on your phone.

Smart Launcher Theme Zaphire. This is a high quality and extremely detailed theme with high definition. Download with APK Downloader. I'll update this review with the name of the cool theme I just HAD to buy. Everything is themed to the last detail, using metallic textures, lighting effects, reflections and gradients to give a great contrast and quality look. THAT would be cool! And, could we have the option to change the color of the messaging widget?

Derrick Collins Metal clock doesn't work. Clone and run multiple accounts of the same app simultaneously, and use.

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