Velukkudi upanyasam

Posted by admin No comments: Jul 14, Sri Sudarsana Ashtakam. Watch live Thirupaavai Upanyasam - Day May our thoughts be blessed with the delectable experience of Swami Desikan!

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Upanyasams (mp3)

Apr 17, Bagavathathil Muthukkal. Oct 18, Parankusa Ashtakam.

Krishnan Swami December 28, at 5: Krishnan Swami added 11 new photos. Drawing the message of this saying, your trust is engaged in l Dec 25, Nyasa Vimsati. Kinchitkaram Trust was formed ten years ago to serve the needy and enhance the spiritual awareness of devotees.

There, he depicts Narada descending from heaven singing joyously the above verse during his journey to meet Purushan and initiate him into the mahAmantram of the Lord. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

vflukkudi Jul 14, Sri Sudarsana Ashtakam. If you had missed the opportunity to book Sri Sundara kaandam Calendar, Here is a chance to grab your copy.

Pravachanams : Velukkudi Krishnan

Krishnan Swami December 17, at 8: Virata Parva is about the 1 year life of the Pandavas in anonymity, to fulfill the promise made by Pandava king Yudhishthira, that he made when he was defeated in the game of dice by king Duryodhana.

Posted by Ramya Giri 23 comments: Namasankeerthanam Part 8 https: December 22, at 9: Posted by admin No comments: December 28, at May 28, Vairagya Panchakam. Thirupavai Pasuram 14 Velukkudi Sri U. Posted by admin 2 comments: Krishnan Swami added 16 new photos. The picture she had drawn was a replica of Perumal and Thayar including the subtle attributes in their divine body and it represented so much of devotional depth and Bhavam of this special devotee.

Watch, Share and Enjoy margazhi in a meaningful way. Krishnan Swami December 31, at 8: Nov 5, Sri Lakshmi Ashtotharam Tamil upanyasam.

Swamy was so immensely pleased and told them that Perumal and Thayar have filled her heart as this level of Bhavam from a differently abled person is humanly impossible.

He describes the structure of His mantram and affectionately recalls the many mischievous deeds performed by bAla Gopalan in Gokulam and Brindavanam to the utter delight of the humans and the celestial beings.

Pravachanams : Velukkudi Krishnan |

Watch live Thirupaavai Upanyasam - Day Jul 30, Jitante stotram. Special Online Booking https: Krishnan Swamy Margazhi Upanyasam Place: Book your copy of Calendar at https: Thirupavai Pasuram 15 lVelukkudi Sri U. Velukkudi Krishnan swamy Vol 1: Krishnan Swami on Facebook.

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