Bear studios j-11b flanker

Recognition, particularly of the warning lights were, again, difficult to understand. In Su flight model, default aircraft status, the elevator auto trim controlled by FCS computing for simualting longitudinal axis of none stability on Su , it also simulate the hyd-power to elevator control surface, it works depend on flight altitude and air speed. Maybe I'll try to locate the effects on the DVD and reinstall those. Keep the great work. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot create polls in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum.

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Looking forward to this one Bill.

Bear Studios J-11B Flanker

As with many things, a lack of knowledge about jet fighters and weapon procedures were the main problem. The download weighs in at around Mb so not that big for a modern day download. Avionics The J is just bristling with state of the art electronics. Keep the great work. We are all used to control surfaces moving including leading edge and canard wings. Core i7 Extreme 3. There is a static carrier too but that doesn't have the landing system lights catapults and wires. Recognition, particularly of the warning lights were, again, difficult to understand.

Here are views of the different load outs. The Support display features readouts of communications, fuel management, flight plans, HUD, electrical and engine integrated control adviser pages.

We are building JB now Tug Control Finally, another extra feature the Flanker J gives you is a virtual tug. Sounds Internal sounds are generally masked by the believable jet whine from the engines, there are some verbal warnings like "High G" thankfully in English, I heard that one quite often, just before the screen dimmed! However, this one does not work. Other than the navigation mode displays, you have Support and Tactical displays.

The table of contents unfortunately gives the wrong tlanker numbers, which for the printed version doesn't matter as the page numbers are not printed anyway.

Everything out including fuel probe and air brake Flying a real jet fighter for most of us would be way out of our league so we can only imagine it would be like. Generally, she flew must faster then the specifications hinted at, she climbs straight up like a rocket and turns like she is on rails With the AoA and G limiter off.

Maybe other buyers can shed some light Pun intended! I'm anxious for it's completion. All times are GMT The switches are blocky, some of them have hover-text some of them don't.

The cockpit feels very cramped from the front pit but far less so from the rear and the higher position was a real help when landing. Up Front Control Panel. CessnaFlyer I had to reformat my new computer due to an issue I caused. The JS is equipped only with the more powerful WS10A engines, so when we get to the sim we have 13 variations. File Library - What's New. Getting used to the characteristics is just something we have to get on with.

Example of the manual layout. Are you still shooting for mid release?

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These are usage steps when on ground or take off. I have some questions: When I looked to the texture folders I found 16 bit tsudios DXT3 bmp files, no dds, bump mapping or specular files.

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