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I would just like to make some changes, I am more in favor of simple press to bbpress, would I be able to point the forum tap to another plugin forum? The colors can be changed and so can be the background images. So here are some glitches I have found and would like to try and get some answers.. Hi Sir, I looked at this page:

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Sometimes necessity is the mother of solution … I know … it normally is invention. That tool bar is your footer and you will need to modify footer. Built using HTML5, the theme is responsive and functions efficiently across all leading browsers.

When ever i try to open my site http: I thought it would be a cool feature. When I click on the Groups button and the sceen comes up, all categories are out of alignment with the bullets and boxes.

I am so hoping to get cosmicbuddy to work as my most preferred theme, but I am getting these problems with Buddypress latest installation. I postponed asking this next question for some time while trying many options and searches with no luck… I am attempting to create a custom header similar to the background tem;lates that Lindsay has on her web site connecticutaquaticplantenthusiasts I have attempted to edit the header.

For all of your other questions, I will be providing update this coming weekend. Please make sure s3 slider is active, otherwise the above code will be of no use http: Can you please help me here. Hello there, I have set up a social network site using this theme and I have allowed logged in users to create blogs. After i fixed that other issue, this one apparenly fixed itself. Please download the new theme from here https: This will be automatically taken templattes the slide image.

Here is a screenshot. Now I have some issues with the theme: A few people have facebook. That simply means it was some temporary thing causing you the issue. Can I bother you with another question when you get a minute?

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If you still want a refund, just pm me with the paypal address you paidI will refund it instantly. I will be glad to help you. Apart from the elegantly designed blog templates and startsr templates, Sterling offers a wide range of 11 custom widgets.

Then I installed the slide show and welcome message according to your instructions in the widget page.

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Yup, always do backups! Anith, I visited your website its really very cool. Full width page, page with left sidebar, page with right sidebar, page with comments, category and archives page templates are all built-in.

You can also see it in the Test theme page also. Posted in Themes Tagged health and medicalthemeforest. If you would like, you can email me and I will give you a copy of my header.

Itested on my dev system and It is working with bp 1. Hi, please inform me why error comes when we install cosmic theme in our site …somes error comes in ajax.

For all those clinics which are into beauty industry, Tilability is the right theme. At its core, HC WordPress theme has a single page template which loads almost everything that you need in a single template.

Please note, current theme is in beta only, as I mentioned In my Post above. Best Regards, James Campbell.

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