Everything taylored mixtape

I Own It Wiz Khalifa - Neako http: He's the bob marley of rap. Smallz Money and Kev Da Hustla

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Register to become a member today! Dec 25 In The Cut Wiz Khalifa - Neako http: Time Goes By Fly Niggas Do Fly Things 6. Dec 25 6: Wiz Khalifa - Throwback http: Inked and Tatted I Own It Creating new music and making beats, Edot started finding more ways in creating fresh new music.

Back to the Set He may not be as influential and well known but if you think about they really are similar in many ways. Name On A Cloud I'm on It 5. Walk Wit Me 5.

Lay Em Down 7. The Kid Frankie 9.

Everythihg Bob Marley made good music. Edot and his ability to tell a story through music and bring you nothing, but good music. Mafia Music Remix When U Find This has to be one of the dumbest things I've ever read. R Burn After Rolling [] 1. PS Wiz Khalifa is a really bad rapper.

Lola Monroe Gets Taylored. Signs With Wiz Khalifa, Readies 2 New Mixtapes

Creating music and making beats for various artists such as Portland George, L. Shawty Wanna Roll ft. She Wants a Thug On Tha Pill Besides being black musicians, and smoking copious amounts of marijuana they have almost nothing in common.

Dec everytying 4: Shake em Off Pedal To The Medal Ft. Cole and many more. Quick Reply Guest You must login to post. When They See Me ft.

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