Bumped megan mccafferty

The supporting characters were also really important in Thumped and I absolutely loved them! The story is told by two Twins that were separated at birth and couldn't have grown up more different from each other. Melody desperately wants Harmony back in her life, and she makes it her mission to rescue her. Am I missing something?

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Bumped also is written with a good amount of humor that fans expect from McCafferty's writing.

OMG I won this as a goodreads giveaway! I also missed Zen as he was in the first book.

Bumped Summary & Study Guide

Harmony can have a baby! Harmony is back with her church community and her husband Ram pregnant with Jondoe's twins. Because the book is told from their alternate points of view, you get a better sense of their individuality and how different they are from each other.

While the plot should have been far-fetched to the mccaffert of intolerance--I mean, identical twins separated at birth?

Zen, who supposedly loves Melody, doesn't act at all like he cares about her for a while. The church Megan presents in this book, is obviously terrible. And bumpex series is a must for readers looking for a surprisingly different peek at a very real mccaffferty future where marketing and advertising play a key role in the survival of the human race.

I found this series to be incredibly thought-provoking, but presented in a way that was unique, fun and full of humor. That was extremely frustrating to read!

Now he's getting offers to be the next Johndoe.

I know, I was hooked within the first few pages. Thus birthrates continue to drop and our flabbergasted politicians look down from their glass towers longingly at our neighbours in Denmark or France without realising the obvious faults in their concepts. Every female dies at 20! The sequel and finale of the Bumped series is everything I could have wanted.

We are in danger of living in a world where teen pregnancy, which already elevates some girls to celebrity status, will consume us to the point that we, like Melody's parents, Ash and Ty, are willing to whore out our children to procreate. It all made sense in the weird world of Melody and Harmony.

I kept reading, waiting for it to get exciting, for something to happen, and it never did. Nobody made a law saying everybody must get negan, but the society has restructured itself in such a way that people NOT making the attempt to create babies are looked upon as both unpatriotic and non-productive members of society.

There was no perfectly packaged ending. The chapters are quite short and while occasionally this caused some blurring between the characters for me, I did like the flow and rhythm to the book. There are some mature themes and obviously it's about teens getting pregnant but it isn't explicit at all.

Bumped Summary & Study Guide

The novel is set in the near future and a virus has made it unlikely that any woman over eighteen can conceive a child. I read a news story this week about a ten-year-old girl in Spain who just gave birth.

Mmegan are some scenes that are deliberately, I suspect incredibly skin crawly — like young girls trying on fake baby bumps, the rampant sexualisation and view spoiler [a pregnant pre-teen hide spoiler ].

I really like that Melody has such an attitude with Ventura, that was fun to read.

megwn Rebirth, Chapters 20 through It feels like she created the whole new genre, where nothing is too much, where characters are wierd and where you have no idea what to expect next. The absurdity of their culture is laugh our loud funny, until you consider how sexualized our own culture is, where it might be headed, "legitimate rape", "notebooks full of women", Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Hooters, etc She has looks, she has brains, she has skills and it looks like she's going to be paired with the most beautiful, desirable, potent "professional insemnator" in the world, Jondoe, and make a load of money delivering the most perfect child ever.

Even Harmony seems to have it all. But, rushed or not, the ideas in this book, and this series, were chilling, fascinating, meaningful and important. The character I found most interesting was Harmony. Young girls can be amateur and arrange their own affairs mccaffertyy sign on with an agent to become pro, where they can enter into formal contract with a couple desiring a child.

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