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For example, if you change the current working directory flash: Example Change the levels of the current commands in batches. If the server monitors the FTP connection through default port, you need not specify port number, else specify the port number. You can run the ftp server source -a command to configure the source IPv4 address. The user-interface command displays one or multiple user interface views.

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It is used with interface-type to specify an interface. After you enter the machine-to-machine mode using the mmi-mode enable command, the command output is displayed in one screen. If local-filename is not specified on the local device, the original file name is used.

Basic Configurations Commands

The ssh server cipher command configures an encryption algorithm list for an SSH server. The undo ftp server timeout command restores the default idle timeout duration. A Telnet client can log in to the server with no port specified only when the server is listening on port If you input the correct password for twice, the user interface is locked.

This parameter is valid only when ui-type is set to VTY. To unlock the user interface, press Enterand then input the correct password as prompted by the system.

You can press Enter to enter data in another line. Therefore, you can adjust the maximum number of ECC key pairs as required to ensure that they do not occupy too many system resources.

MEID Converter

The primary IP address of the source interface is the source IP address for sending packets. If you want to keep the product version in the license file the same as the device software version after the device software is upgraded or downgraded, you can perform the following operations to facilitate subsequent capacity expansion and services.

This command is not saved in a configuration file and can take effect immediately after being chanver. Users who log in to the device can use only commands at the same or lower level than their own levels. If the current user interface is VTY 2, the kill user-interface vty 2 fails to be executed.

How to fix Invalid IMEI MEID/Change IMEI/fix… | Android Development and Hacking

The operation to disable an SSH server from locking client IP addresses poses system risks and is thereby not recommended. Run the stelnet ssn enable command to set this item. You can run the set authentication password command to change the local authentication password.

The undo ssh server assign command cancels the configuration. The start time is in hour format hh: Example Set the privilege level of the save command to 5. The dsa local-key-pair destroy command deletes local DSA host key pairs. Hhuawei ecc local-key-pair create command generates a local ECC host key pair. If one or multiple devices on the network need to be configured and managed, you do not need to connect each device to your terminal for local maintenance.

If the current view is the user view, this command exits from the system. The authentication mode must be configured for login through the VTY user interface; otherwise, users cannot log in to the device. The SSH xhanger can log in successfully with no port specified only when the server is listening on port Otherwise, the alarm about the system clock module will not be sent to the NMS. When there are are multiple SSH users in the system, the default password authentication mode is used to simplify the configuration.

You can run the ftp server acl acl-name command to change the ACL name. If you do not specify the time zone name, the system uses DefaultZoneName. If you enter the plaintext password when specifying cipher passwordsecurity risks exist. The maximum number of DSA key pairs is specified by the dsa key-pair maximum command. Usage Guidelines Usage Scenario The system divides commands into four levels and sets the command level in the specified view.

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