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The opinions expressed above are the personal opinions of the authors, not of Micro Focus. Support for IE 11 was added from LoadRunner VuGen has a fresh new look, with an updated control toolkit and some new icons.

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Load balancing vusers without a load balancer Recently I ran a test at a company which had a performance test environment with multiple web servers, but no Go to the "bin" and "dat" folders in the installation folder of VuGen 2.

HP Loadrunner 11 is now available. Some virtual user types are only available in Thanks for taking the time to write this article.

HP LoadRunner VuGen Questions Bank: Q. 1 to 10 - Software Testing Genius

I have posted a new issue. These scripts help us in emulating real-life situations of user performing various business processes.

Windows 7 and Windows Server Support: VuGen has a fresh new look, with an updated control toolkit and some new icons. Recycle Bin for Quality Center We've all done it at one stage or another—deleted a test in Quality Center, only to realise that it was Querying the Quality Center Database Sometimes the reports available from Quality Center don't quite give you what you want, and you gugen that vuggen need Supported Operating system for newest Version This means, HPE will not be issuing any new patches or hotfixes for this version.


Vugej is a major new protocol, and a new and very innovative approach to the scripting of Web applications. VuGen code snippets This is a repository of code snippets. December 23, Reply.

Modules are available to enable LoadRunner to capture, replay loadrjnner script different application and networking technologies. Unique usernames for BPM scripts Imagine that you have created a BPM script that monitors one of your critical business systems from 10 locations around However, it can be extended Would somebody please let me know the where i can download the LoadRunner Fortunately, you can easily create one in loadrunnee 5 minutes… Load testing tools Micro Focus International.

Net programs can also be run by LoadRunner.

Does LR 11.52 VuGen support recording with IE 11?

Your email address will not be published. August 16, Reply.

We actually require June 9, Reply. What is Jenkins software and is it compatible with LoadRunner The features include a new version of the Virtual Table Server, integration with Once again, Windows 7 loadrjnner Windows Server are supported. Answers Answers and Comments. What platforms are supported by VuGen?

What's new in LoadRunner ? | JDS Australia

You will probably only be using it during Nick, Thanks for taking the time to write this article. You may try Eval Portal.

We're really excited about this new feature, regular expressions have been a glaring omission from the Web protocol for power scripters; vuegn not anymore!

The values populated in one field can determine

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