Rehne do choro jane do yaar

He invites her, Vinod and Sudhir for dinner to crack a deal, and plants a time bomb to kill them. Hindi Chalo jaane do yaar. The park in which the murder occurs is named "Antonioni Park".

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This article has multiple issues. Won Filmfare Best Comedian Award: Hindi mujhe jane do yar. Retrieved from " https: Ranjit Kapoor Satish Kaushik. The duo take a number of photographs of the corpse, and wheel it with them with the choor of exposing Tarneja.

Chodo jane do yaar in English with contextual examples

This article's tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia. The park in which the murder occurs is named "Antonioni Park".

Bollywood, News - India Today". Antonioni's film Blowup of inspired director Kundan Shah, [6] [7] in which two photographers inadvertently capture the murder of a Bombay Municipal Commissioner with their cameras and later discover this when the images are enlarged. More context All My memories Ask Google.

rehne b choro jane 2 yaar hum na karen gy pyar.

Chalo jaane do yaar. See Wikipedia's guide to writing better articles for suggestions. Contains invisible HTML formatting. Views Read Edit View history.

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During their investigation, they find out that another builder Ahuja Om Puri who is Tarneja's business rival is also involved in this dealing to get a contract for building 4 flyovers from D'Mello. In a twist ending, they all come to an agreement and Srivastava manages to pin the murder doo Commissioner D'Mello and the collapse of the bridge on Vinod and Sudhir.

After a disastrous start, they are given some work by the editor of "Khabardar", a publication that exposes the scandalous lives of the rich and the famous. Hindi tumhari nangi photo do yaar.

English i want to do.

This article may be written from a fan's point of viewrather than a neutral point of view. Hindi mujhe bhi sikha do yaar. Hindi mujhe jane do. The Five-Star Classic - Rediff. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.

Hindi asha jane do na koi bhi nahi hai. English what are you chro in english. Srivastava, being the Assistant Municipal Commissioner tells the officer to wait a few minutes before arresting Tarneja.

They return at night and dig up that area and unearth a coffin containing the dead body of D'Mello. Help rating similar searches: By continuing to visit this site you agree to our use of cookies. Please do not remove this message until yazr to do so are met. We use rehnne to enhance your experience. English Let me go. English let me go out. So they lied to Shobha saying that the body is hidden safely with them, who Shobha in turn starts blackmailing Tarneja.

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