Although his immediate family eventually accepted this, and may have eventually supported him, [b] Soegija's other relatives refused to speak to him afterwards. As the number of clergy was severely limited, Soegijapranata roamed from church to church to attend to parishioners, actively preaching and serving as the de facto head of the Catholic Church in the country; this was in part to counteract rumours of his detention by the Japanese. My Indonesian Films Catalog.

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Soegijapranata Catholic Universitya large university in Semarang, is named after him. Mereka bekerja dengan mengatasnamakan diri dari instansiyang berwenang untuk mengatur kota agar tercipta suasana rust en ordertertib dan damai. Start your free trial. However, they planned for the possibility of Willieken's capture; in correspondence between Soegijapranata and Willekens, the two men agreed that Soegijapranata must remain free no matter the consequences van Klinkenp.

The vast majority of its population was ethnic Javanese, [55] consisting of more than 15, native Catholics, as well as a similar number of European Catholics. Monsignor Albertus Soegijapranata SJ, from his inauguration until the end of Indonesia's independence war Christians in Indonesia, a Biographical Approach.

Beginning in he studied philosophy at Berchmann College in Oudenbosch ; [20] during this time he examined the teachings of Thomas Aquinas and began writing on Christianity.

Although his immediate family eventually accepted this, and may have eventually supported him, [b] Soegija's other relatives refused to speak to him afterwards. After a stay at Elisabeth Candi Hospital in Semarang inSoegijapranata was forbidden from undertaking active duties. Albertus Soegijapranata SJ, the first indigenous native to hold the office of bishop of the Apostolic Vicariate of Semarang.

Soegija soegina an epic history drama of Indonesiadirected by the senior director of Indonesia Garin Nugrohoabout national hero Albertus Soegijapranata. Claverbond, Berichten uit Java.

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However, these problems continued to grow, and in Soegijapranata moved his seat to Yogyakarta. Three years of study, two months of writing and filming, which involved 2, actors and actresses.

Indonesian Javanese Dutch Japanese. A faction, led by Soegijapranata, supported this decree, while Catholic Party leader I. Tjokroaminoto Setan Jawa Why those people made the choices they made, because of the different backgrounds they all came from. Luckily least there are still some lawmakers and Catholics out there. This turbulent decade marked by spegija end of years of Dutch occupation, entry and commencement of Japanese occupation of Indonesiathe Proclamation of Indonesian Independenceand the return of the Netherlands who tried to get Indonesia back as part of their Dutch Empirewhich led to the Indonesian National Revolution.


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After two years at Xaverius, in AugustSoegija returned to the Netherlands, where he studied theology at Maastricht. He later transferred to a school in Wirogunan, Yogyakarta, near Pakualaman.

Albertus Soegijapranata

Soegija wrote all these events in sogeija diary reflections, and also its participation in relieving the suffering of people in the midst of the chaos of war.

Kasimo, were alumni of Xaverius. Little is known about his period as an instructor at the school, [23] although records indicate that he based his teaching style on that of van Lith, who had died in earlyexplaining religious concepts in terms based on Javanese tradition.

soegjia In Uden Soegija spent a year further studying Latin and Greek, necessary for his preaching back in the Indies. After the St Yoseph Church in Bintaran, about 1 kilometre 0. The film focuses on the life and mission of Mgr. A History of Christianity in Indonesia.

The priest replied that the teachers were unpaid and only hoped for the students' good.

Soon after the Dutch, who had returned in laterecognised the country's independence, Soegijapranata returned to Semarang. For example, the Bishop of Maluku and West Papua Giovanni Aerts, along with eleven brothers and clergymen, was summarily executed Gonggongp.

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