Phonetics Laboratory, University of Zurich. Audiamus instantiates the links to digitised media. WAV format that includes waveform segment definitions and both are also able to read an older. SunOs, Solaris, Linux, etc.

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It provides the tools you need to create, view, play and manipulate waveforms, spectrograms and other forms of speech data. Databases managed within Phon can also be queried using a powerful search system adapted for the needs of the phonologist.

It is used as the first step in automatic phonological transcription of intonation, the detection of sentence stress and intonation boundaries. The main features it offers are:. WaveSurfer has a simple and logical user interface that provides functionality in an intuitive way and which can be adapted to different tasks. This comprehensive speech analysis, synthesis, and manipulation package includes general numerical and statistical stuff, is built on a general-purpose GUI shell for handling objects, and produces publication-quality graphics.

This software is dedicated to speech analysis. A visual display for the teaching of intonation SpaaiDik J. Compute statistics such as percent voiced, percent unvoiced and percent silent.

WinPitch Pro

A combination of standard and new technology analysis and processing together with an easy handling are the key features of this unique system. Full online help files for both PCquirer, and Macquirer. Import existing TextGrids into Phon sessions generate textgrids from existing phon records visualize textgrids directly into phon send textgrids to praat for editing in a single click run speech analysis functions directly from the phon query menu export speech measurement data for further analysis All of these functions are accessible through a user-friendly graphical interface.

Showing of 6 wipnitch citations. It can be used as a stand-alone tool for a wide range of tasks in speech research and education.

WinPitch LTL II , a Multimodal Pronunciation Software - Semantic Scholar

Signalyze is legacy voice and acoustic signal analysis software for the Macintosh developed by Eric Keller, Professor Emeritus, University of Lausanne, administered by Linguist Plus, and formerly distributed by Agora Language Marketplace.

Recording limit is 3 seconds. The coming version will also be able to import ELAN files. It supports data recording direct to hard disk, real-time displays, and instantaneous quantitative analysis and pattern target mode for speech training. Phon facilitates data exchange among researchers and is currently used for the elaboration of the shared PhonBank database, designed to support empirical needs of research in all areas of phonology and phonological development.

Visual feedback of intonation II: Scroll through data, adjust the scale or display range, and even change the parameters for sound analysis computations. A user friendly graphic winpicth and copy synthesis tools allows the user to generate files for the Klatt synthesiser easily.

The search results, or entire transcripts, can be viewed or saved in a variety of formats, and the related parts of the recordings can be played or opened in acoustic analysis software, all directly through the web-browser.

SegProso is available for public download.

WinPitch LTL, a Multimodal Pronunciation Software | Laboratoire de linguistique formelle

It is made of a set of Praat and R scripts that perform the tasks of F0 stylisation, labelling and modelling. Built to support research in phonological development including babblingsecond language acquisition, and phonological disorders, Phon can also be used for virtually all types of phonological investigations e.

WinSnorri offers tools to explore annotated corpora automatically to analyse speech with several spectral analyses and monitor spectral peaks along time to study prosody. The transcripts and annotations winpitvh be searched for particular text or regular expressions. Design your own instrument screen, no programming required.

Doing phonetics by computer. Signal and linear system models: Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics. MelAn is available for public download.

The main features it offers are: During coding the user can see color-coded elements on multiple tracks in time-alignment.

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