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Urethral agenesis absence of urethra is a rare malformation, incompatible with life unless an alternative communication between the bladder and amniotic sac exists. The mesonephric duct will give rise to the ureteral bud after the formation of the pronephros. Urethral malformations The most common obstructive cause of the lower urinary tract is the posterior urethral valve PUV. If including all cases detected at post-mortem fetal autopsies, the prevalence of these malformations is much higher [ 2 ].

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Some will be discovered after birth.

For a better understanding of urinary tract abnormalities, we will summarize the classification of kidney malformations that criatian accompany these anomalies:. The diagnosis of the RPD is based on an increased anteroposterior diameter of the renal pelvis in the transverse plane, and the value allows classification: Mitchell and Gregory E. The congenital anomalies of the urinary tract include a large number of diseases caused by anomalies in the morphogenesis of the urinary system.

The presence of a cystic mass in the presacral area, containing an anechoic fluid suggesting urine or sediment content, should guide the clinician to a diagnosis of urogenital sinus persistence [ 1225 ].

Some patients have rectal prolapse and anal incontinence; this phenomenon is due to the malposition of sphincter structures [ 12341516171920 ]. These fetuses require prenatal intervention to avoid kidney damage.

The migration abnormalities of kidney embryo buds are found in renal ectopy and in the mismatched malformations [ 10 ].

Dystriation of ureters and troughs also occurs [ 14 ]. These conditions may be divided into autosomal dominant diseases and autosomal recessive disorders, including the polycystic kidney disease, renal dysplasia, glomerulocystic kidney disease trisomy 13 and trisomy 18, Beemer syndromemulticystic dysplastic kidneys MCDKmedullary cystic dysplasia Meckel-Gruber and Beckwith-Wiedemann syndromes, as well crisfian congenital infections [ 10111213 ]. It is recommended that information about cristain fetal abnormalities, postnatal and prenatal options of treatment and prognosis should be presented to the parents by a multidisciplinary team that includes neonatologists, urologists, perinatologists cdistian medical geneticists with expertise in this field [ 5 ].

Login to your personal dashboard for more detailed statistics on your publications. During the first trimester, in the sagittal plane, the penis is oriented upwards and the clitoris downwards. The postnatal assessment of fetal hydronephrosis may be invasive and lengthy [ 678 ].

Abnormalities in the development of gaduva urinary tract system cause duplicated collective systems, posterior urethral valves and obstructions of the pyeloureteral junction.

Cystic dysplasia of the testicle: Multicystic renal dysplasia These are large and hyperechogenic kidneys, including renal ciliopathies.

Studies have shown a higher presence of hypospadias in patients with fetal growth restriction Figures 9 and 10 [ 19 ]. Obstructive-type megaureter Reflux-type megaureter Megaureter without reflux and without obstruction Obstructive- and reflux-type vadjva Vesicoureteral reflux Vesicoureteral reflux VUR is characterized by the return of urine from the bladder to the kidney which often causes hydronephrosis and sometimes even abnormalities in kidney development renal dysplasia.

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The spectrum of congenital genital malformation is very broad, and the diagnosis is usually difficult. The dilatation of the ureter may be partial or total, and this pathology can be classified into the following conditions: The lack of formation or agenesis of the pronephros or of the mesonephric duct can lead to the total or partial absence of the kidney or to other anomalies of the reno-urinary tract [ 45 ]. A reliable classification reveals four main types of genital anomalies: Pyelectasis is the dilatation of the renal pelvis only Figure 3 [ 615 ].

The fetal bladder and kidneys are located near the spine, having an elliptical shape [ 12 ].

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Vvaduva are no guidelines for monitoring and treatment of this condition. Classification Congenital urinary abnormalities are often associated with the kidney anomalies, and there is a wide range of malformations resulting from disorders in the normal development process [ 9 ]. It is very important to diagnose and differentiate between the abnormalities incompatible with life and those fristian are asymptomatic in the newborn. Evaluation of the urinary tract also requires the evaluation of the amniotic fluid volume.

Congenital Anomalies of Urinary Tract and Anomalies of Fetal Genitalia

The most common urinary malformations encountered in children are vesicoureteral reflux VURmmaria megaureter, posterior urethral valve and megacystis [ 11 ]. The main feature is clitoris hypertrophy. In many cases a transient dilatation occurs.

The former requires interruption of pregnancy, whereas the latter could lead to saving the renal function if diagnosed antenatally.

It may be associated with small, short and dilated bowels, as well as a low-caliber colon.

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