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Listening to the app carefully at a Civil War battlefield site, it said "union" twice and "attack". It is on an iPhone 5. Well, first of all, there are no "clear words and phrases" in Echovox.

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I hope many people read this as it saved me a lot of time and money. You have to take what echocox are doing very seriously - be positive, be loving. For those who do not, read steps again and keep trying. Unbelievable absolutely recommended hands-down.

The learning curve for 3. Problem is the playback Then looking for app support, it's a website that is null and void. Accidental purchase by son!!

These three apps consistently give me direct reply communication with the other side but it may not happen instantly for those who buy these apps. I have been using this app for a while now and I have had phenomenal intelligent responses.

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Jaime Rosas January 15, at 7: Echovox has a database of phonemes in several voices, and the phonemes parts of words are spit out randomly, at whatever speed you select in the 4 bank speed section. There is not an option. But he has folks out there that think he is some kind of expert. I do get the vowel thing cuz the woman voice that stutters bad and is like aaaa ee eee.

You need to connect yourself to the big picture out there. It fits exactly what I've described, with scientific precision. Our samples are created using vintage analog gear! They probably did it as an attempted appeal to authority.

Thanks for the awesome info! Great for ghost hunting but the recording feature is not really working anymore!

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Sorry, but no one had different answers. I went for the EchoVox internal recording feature at first — and I was excited by the results. There clearly are some BIG improvments. This app really works.

EchoVox is a fake app « Investigation Reports

Delay time can be set from anywhere to seconds. Thanks for all your hard work. Again, this is well-known and well-proven psychology here; nothing speculative. Yes indeed, seven people can be wrong.

Or, you know, you could do it. Your brain takes fragments of sounds, latches onto them based on a preconception of what meaning might be derived, then delivers the word s that it THINKS might be present to your conscious mind.

As of yet, I'm unable to decipher what the box is saying, not to mention, even with headphones it's hard to make out. It must have been programmed cause Danny knew I would ask that in my car lol XD I have been using this app ever since echovox came out.

The best way to learn more about EchoVox: I don't usually hear anything in real time but when I listen to the digital recording after, I am blown away. No one can deny the amount of times you receive those direct answers so many echovoz in a short periods of time and not say that there has to be a link

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