Fmabhaya sinhala font

You can now type Sinhala in anywhere easily with this. This panel will make your work much easier. But in windows XP there is no pre-installed Unicode Sinhala fonts. Before you start you can read the Help Guide of Pencil. Because you can't work with styles.

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Click here to download help of Pencil. Search google for typed Sinhala word. With this Unicode mode user can type Sinhala in internet web browsers. Report a problem easily through in-built problem simhala. To develop this version so far the main strength was your comments and feedback.

Sinhala Wijesekera Compatible Keyboard Layout

This Office mode feature is the most valuable part on this program. By using extra option fon you can easily navigate to Virtual Keyboard, Key map and many more other options.

All software in Sri Lanka is support only for Unicode characters except this. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Also many revolutionary options and modifications were added with some stunning performances.

Now you have the full control of Pencil with this new enhanced Settings window. Please donate some money to keep Serandibsoft stronger. You can navigate to Virtual keyboard by Extra option panel or by right clicking on the application interface. The New Virtual keyboard that'll ease your typing with difficult words. There for most people stuck with making Documents in Sinhala.

The good news is this option is available for Office and Unicode both typing modes. In Windows Vista and 7 the Sinhala Unicode fonts are pre installed. While you are typing, Pencil will suggest you some similar kind of words that will match with your typing word. Application performance was increased with new sleek design.

Because there is no any other software in Sri Lanka that can be done this part. There for you may have to download Sinhala Unicode support from Siyabasa through internet. We're sure that this new version 2. You can share your sinhala comments in Facebook or send a Email in Sinhala to your friend and these all stuffs can be done when you are using this Unicode mode.

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But in windows XP there is no pre-installed Unicode Sinhala fonts. In this new version of Pencil, We offer you the gmabhaya word suggestion option. Get the relevant English word for typed Sinhala word. The other amazing thing is this all translation part is take effect in Real time. The solution is here. Also you can change the maximum number of words fmavhaya be suggested and even you can disable this auto word suggestion option via Settings.

Most of nowadays software are only allow you to type Sinhala words in Unicode type Standard Sinhala letters that can be recognized in any modern computer all over the world. Serandibsoft is proudly presents the next stable release of the Pencil Singlish Word Processor,with whole lot of new improved features and more than 50 bugs were fixed. Another new option we included in this version of Pencil is the Virtual Keyboard.

So we cannot apply styles to this font. The main benefit is that you have to type Sinhala word as you read them in English that we call sms type. If Pencil suggested you the word you wanted only you have to do is press relevant number to insert that word.

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