Logicmaster 90-30 software

Posted 26 Jul I'll try to remember to have a look tonight I do have the original upgrade disks to upgrade it, but none to install. There are Micro versions but I think the standard version also has micro included. I was also able to communicate with a

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I am not sure if this is legal as it copies the Account information but it does work. Which file, or group of files, make up the "full version free" of Logicmaster ? CPUs,and hadn't been released when v8. Under certain conditions, VersaPro may cause older firmware versions to stop executing the logixmaster when you access the fault tables.

There is a first for everything.

Logicmaster is a DOS-based program that runs on any personal computer. You need softwaree version for the GE Industrial Systems Telephone: I switched to VersaPro so dont use much now.

Old Software needed

It installs to a logkcmaster named LM90demo, and you launch it with a file called lm90demo. VersaPro is already obsolete! I think you can find the full version free here at the GE Support http: At some point, you have to ask yourself if 'free' software it worth the time it takes to use it.

The one that says DEMO, lmd. I seem to remember from back in the days when I was selling that product line that if renamed the directory LM90 and then went in and edited a couple of the DOS files to modify any references to the LM90DEMO directory to read LM90, you could get around any restrictions on the size logicamster files that could be saved. Ligicmaster may be able to get it to run and to communicate with your PLC under the latest Microsoft operating systems, but you should expect problems.

Any idea where I can find the Software for download? Capable of providing ladder logic displays and printouts, program annotation and on-line, real-time, diagnostics, Logicmaster is a low-cost solution to program any Series CPU. I used to do a lot of work. There may sooftware other issues, but this is potentially the most serious.

It is possible to copy it and easy to get aoftware not having a proper serial number but it is not legal to do so. Posted 26 Jul Sign in Already have an account?

CIMTEC Automation - GE Fanuc PLC Tech Support - Programming Tools - Series 90 - 30 PLC

A standard installation would be to a directory called LM90, and LM There are Micro versions but I think the standard version also has micro included. Well, it took a while but I found the Logicmaster V9.

Proficy Machine Edition provides a common user interface, drag-and-drop editing, and support for the many editing soffware required for a project. The only reason to buy any package other than CME is if you don't have enough computer to run it on. I didn't dig any deeper than the CPUs.

GE Software ยป Free PLC Software

They require you to be at v9. I was also able to communicate with a Logixmaster one thing that I have run into is processor firmware not being supported by versa-pro. Versapro was the next version of programming software for the PLC. When it happend to me, I did not have time to figure it out.

It runs on all versions of windows!

Rick, As I understand it, the issue of compatibility betwen VP and firmware revision level is this. I'm confused regarding the GE Support site.

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