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She is later charged with murder as there is some confusion as to whether the mother had actually died or was killed by the operation. Allow session cookies Essential: I had 3 at the hospital: Sibyl Danforth was a dedicated midwife who one horrible night had a mother to die giving b This was a book that I started several years ago and then lost interest.

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Privacy settings Decide which cookies you want to allow. I loved the setting and the pace of the criminal trial proceedings. But I did not give birth at home either. She performs an emergency Caesarean section on its mother, who appears to have died in labor.

Preview — Midwives by Chris Bohjalian.

Midwives Reader’s Guide

I would miwives to preface my comments with a recommendation that if you are pregnant or are planning to have children miwdives soon this would NOT be a good book choice. Moreover, I do not believe it will scare anyone away from home birth. She performs an emergency cesarean section on a mother she believes has died of a stroke. It would merely destroy a second woman," Connie reflects [p. Also the undertone of the text was such that anyone wanting a home birth was part of the 'brown rice and sandals brigade'!

Jul 03, Minutes Buy. What was I thinking reading a book about a tragic home delivery 4 months before I'm due? I don't think I've ever read another one of Oprah's book club books, but I thought this was pretty good. Currently we do not use targeting or targeting cookies. I won't spoil the end for you, but I will say I was surprised and sick when I read it. She performs a caesarian section, and saves the baby, but did she kill Charlotte in the process? The book follows all of mkdwives through the eyes of the midwife's 14 yr old daughter.

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This is a home birth set in a rural area in a snowstorm, making contact bohjlaian a hospital or emergency assistance impossible. They deliver babies far from the medical safety net we take for granted. It is, as I said, a well-written indictment and no amount of story-telling and fictionalizing and choice of narrator changes that.

A hospital is like an infant car seat: There is one twist, but it actually makes the story more harrowing. But the midwives who read the book for me in manuscript form and who helped me with my research really loved it.

It's when something goes wrong that you need a doctor, who view spoiler [can tell the difference between vagaling out and a freaking stroke and can perform a safe Cesarean -- and as a nurse-midwife, you too would be better trained to understand hide spoiler ]. She's Come Undone Wally Lamb. They read it is a novel about the strength of one woman and one family, and they read it as a courtroom drama.

I spent time with midwives and ob-gyns, prosecutors and defense attorneys, and literally dozens of people who had their babies at home. It will chriss readers who cherish their worn copies of To Kill A Mockingbird. Aug 13, Pages. The premise of the book is that a very experienced lay not certified midwife has a messy delivery in a patient's home in which the mother ends up dying.

I found it at a little independent bookstore in Monterey years ago. I cannot believe this was written by a MAN. I'd love to hear about any of your reasons for home delivery if any of you have done it.

Then, boyjalian she told me little bits about her life—the sensations of delivering or "catching" a baby in a bedroom, the wonderful drama that seems to attend almost any birth—I became hooked. His dialogue isn't bad.

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