Also, many types of operations seem simple at first but become very complex. What about intermediate formats such as FBX or Collada? These are very advanced features for a free tool.

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It seems I will need a magic wand. Why support all these applications? I've tried many textures as diffuse map, the material show correct result, but a single colour is applied to all the model, as if every vertices has 0,0 texture coord. Going through blender is usually ogremas way I go.

schine engine physics: vehicles + constraints (jogl - jBullet - ogremax)

Its feature set grew rapidly and after nearly a year of development it became apparent that the original program design needed to be overhauled in order to accomodate more features the real-time viewports, in particular. You mean import the max file into blender, then export it from blender to.

Having used their software development kits in the past I knew that it would ogrsmax possible to implement most of the features OgreMax already had. This makes it very easy for artists to move from one tool to another if necessary. There are a couple of problems with this approach, however: There's a somewhat similar custom renderer feature that OgreMax makes use of, but it's slow and not very useful.

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The ogre converter is working well but it is not free and have limitations. Q8 Ogre3D benefits of a large user community and has a lot of tools for exporting assets. Export it in a way where Max converts all its magic to usable methods in games i. I think jMonkey SDK already has what is needed to read.

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It works far better than the others because it allows you access to nearly everything. User interface elements are created within Visual Studio's resource editor, which means there's less guessing about how things will look. But more generally, do you think that the creation of export tools is the job of the 3D application creator Autodesk, for example or the 3D engine maker? It's shows that the formats are being adapted to people's needs.

What would be great is to have some automatic converstion tool. What is the license of OgreMax? Are you sure you defined a UV map in ogremxx first place and didn't just add the texture "somehow" with "some" function of 3ds?

In addition, paid support will be offered. Is there any new way of importing 3ds max work with all the features packaged?

Any successful format needs to evolve over time, so the fact that. It imports materials and textures pretty well for me. Q2 Importing assets is a key component of the 3D pipeline.

But it seems that the conversion is messy process since each 3D software has its own way of storing things. A1 I developed OgreMax after I began using Ogre3D and discovered it didn't have a 3DS Max exporter that allowed me to export a scene meshes, cameras, lights, animations, among other thingsprocess it by changing the up axis, rescaling units, merging meshes, and so onload it into an external viewer for inspection, and then load it into my own application.

Also, many types of operations seem simple at first but become very complex. Creating and maintaining the tools can become a full-time task. For the record, we don't use the SDK and we would like to avoid it if possible. Ogre3D benefits of a large user community and has a lot of tools for exporting assets. You can open 3ds files directly in the SDK, it uses the bundled blender to convert them.

Some internal notifications only occur if at least one embedded OgreMax scene window is open. For example, rescaling a scene seems simple until you realize that rescaling affects mesh vertices and all their animations, skeletons, cameras, lights, and all ogremaxx related properties.

A7 The OgreMax exporters are free to use for any purpose, with the exception that they ogremsx be redistributed or resold.

I still have an issue to join texture.

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