Chris encalada

Please arrive for the ceremony by 4: This was the magical night we fell in love. Pat Haggerty - Groomsman. We talk about that first night under the street light often, because it reminds us of how our love began, and why we started this journey together.

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Will drink anyone under the table.

Christopher Encalada

Able to leap buildings with a single bound. The bffster part two.

I woke up hungover and with fuzzy memories of our conversation the day before. Family member most likely to be found dressed in costume at comic con. Chris Encalada - Chrus. We would see each other thru the years at parties here and there. We have gone thru the thick of it together. Alice Joe Haggerty - Bridesmaid.

Gavin J Haggerty - Ring Bearer. Alex Martinez - Groomsman. Our kids will have no choice but to be friends too.

We talked early in the day, where mike made it his business to explain just how single he was and why! I was definitely the aggressor in this situation. This celebration has been a long time coming! Looking for gift ideas? May or may not smuggle in her own vodka. Need a place to stay during the wedding? And now over 6 years later we will promise to spend the rest of our lives together. Michael Haggerty - Groomsman.

Parkside Manor is approximately 22 mins from Planting Fields Arboretum. Melissa Leccese - Maid of Honor. Chtis Haggerty - Chrus.

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Jocelyn Cedeno - Bridesmaid. This was the magical night we fell in love.

Our first kiss was Sunday evening, July 15th, mike came by on his way home from work, it was brief but romantic we made plans for our first date the next day Monday the 16th. I messaged him on Facebook, and the rest is history. A bunch of friends lived there.


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We first met in junior high school. I went home fairly early that night. Cocktail chrus will begin at 6: Faster than a speeding bullet. Erin Haggerty - Bridesmaid. About two years before we started dating Mike had a dream about me New baby p big poppa. The ceremony will be approx.

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