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Click Here to Download Warkeys: Research hotkey will automaticly be mapped to the same as the normal hotkey Allows you to map a unique research hotkey for this ability. The "S" means that the script is currently suspended not active. I use warkeys to remap my inventory keys only. For some reason it gets saved in a weird location.

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Download Dota Hotkeys

If I click it again it says it already exists. This tool has other great features too, check them out! Start the program by double clicking the file Vista and Windows 7 must Run as Administrator. Research hotkey will automaticly be mapped to the same as the normal hotkey Allows you to map a unique research hotkey for this ability.

I set the keys I want and run the script, but it is not working inside the game. Top 5 Dota Maps: Now lets get on with dotx hotkey remapping.

All keys will be reset if you refresh your browser. Satish June 13, First Line of the Grid: I hope you have understood how the grid works. My inventory keys are working just fine but i cant set my skill keys.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I click to save to customkeys. Disable Left [Win] Key. You will come across two important icons.

Thx Dota-Utilities, I would kiss u if i could! DLL was not found re-installing this application may fix dotw problem. Can u fix the hot key to user can change it?? Rampage this rocks other warkeys conflict TRY this guys warkeyw C dagger when using Sk xD he ulties and u get to blink with 1 key just c shift click were u wanna go both ulti and blink will be selected asses.

This will align your hero spells to grid that is:.

Download Dota Hotkeys

Press a button on your keyboard or select a hotkey in the dropdown. He is a full time professional Gamer besides studies and an active online gamer since Warkeys is a free Tool for Warcraft 3 and Dota to create your own specific Customkeys.

The warkey project is discarded by its developer. Now your completely set to play with your autowarkey. Its is less warkehs to appear unless you are pausing script unintentionally by hitting the scroll-lock key. Stopped working for doota.

Wc3 Warkeys also enables you to import your old Customkeys. The script icon should now be visible in the taskbar. Warkeys is the best Customkeys Tool, download and test it! It has enemy HP bars so it IS considered as a warkkeys. I totally recommend you to use warkeys to customize your inventory keys as it improves your game dramatically and makes you less handicapped if your playing on a machine without warkeys especially if your playing for a clan in a competition and you are restricted from using warkeys Which is impossible, as most of the competitions host DotA allowing its players to customize their settings, just considering the worst case scenario.

A Complete Guide On How To Use Warkeys Tool In DotA Online

Doota can either use it to remap your hero-hotkeys or you can remap your inventory keys or even both. You can remap your hero keys and use it if you wish. Your usage of warkeys is entirely upto you.

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