Thus the automation of complete working procedures is possible. I would not hesitate to highly recommend CSI to any company which is contemplating an implementation of a LIMS system for their business. LabSoft LIMS is flexible enough to allow us to manage all the complexity of our extensive quality control processes for hundreds of products and multiple sampling stages and tests. Manager, Technical Solution, Ingredion Incorporated. The software is intuitive and is thus easy to use, and it provides the user considerable flexibility in data management and reporting.

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Features myLIMS offers a platform of integrated and optimized features for laboratories.

Multiples success cases Nothing lbasoft than dozens of successful deployments near to be visited to help in choosing the right software for laboratory automation and management. Furthermore, they lasoft the advantage of a standard or individual printing template to create a printing report.

You would be hard-pressed to find a better Customer Service group in the industry than Computing Solutions, Inc. Contract Labs Quality Control. The customer support team at CSI has been instrumental in getting both the initial installation and the subsequent integration interfaces up and running quickly.

From the beginning, Computing Solutions Inc.

LabSoft Inc - Clinical Lab Products

As our needs have evolved, we've been able to adjust the system without having labspft ask IT for support. In less than 2 minutesknow how the automatization of your laboratory increases the productivity, the quality and even reduce costs. SinglePic-capture - permits a luminance image to be taken very quickly. CSI has also developed interfaces to our rail management, order to cash, supply chain management, and data acquisition systems.

We have especially benefited from the data trending functions which allow us to identify production process weaknesses that can only be spotted over time. Furthermore, the software offers a function for an automatical detection of regions by means of luminances.

In addition, they provide many auxiliary means for the statistical evaluation of the data tables, sectional diagrams, histograms, and photometric evaluation algorithms. Also the usability is optimised and partly completely overdone. Compliance with ISOleaving the stress and rush in auditorship in the past.

Labsoft won award Successful entrepreneur Category: Interested in supercharge your laboratory with the reference software on the market? MultiPic-capture - permits the repeated capture of several single images so as to eliminate statistical measuring errors through averaging.

LMK LabSoft

HighDyn-algorithm - permits the capture of a luminance image composed of single images at various integration times so as to realize a higher dynamic range. The best part is the easy to reach, friendly Customer Support.

When needed, their Customer Support is simply the best I've worked with. Our LabSoft LIMS implementation has been running smoothly for over four years now and is fully integrated with other upstream and downstream systems.

Successful entrepreneur Category: Always with the right answers!! Reduction in the results delivery time with the same team and infrastructure. On our website, we provide information about our software, its benefits, features and of course, multiples success cases! This lqbsoft both useful and advantageous for detecting labsfot geometrical structures.

This trending has allowed us to hone our product formulations and production processes to the point where our defect rate has dropped by more than half. Click on the image at right to see in details the workflow provided by myLIMS. High impact business - Services. You have made labsof truly easy to store and review data by the use of the Query [Report Studio] feature to prepare any kind of data comparison with just the press of a button.

Nothing better than dozens of successful deployments near to be visited to help in choosing the right software for laboratory automation and management. Furthermore the new embedded TCL script language allows the recording and linking of often used functionalities. Manager, Technical Solution, Ingredion Incorporated. Thus the automation of complete working procedures is possible.

Llabsoft LIMS' comprehensive feature set empowers you to build an integrated solution that fully exploits your laboratory data yielding higher quality and reduced costs.

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