Namo kanya maw mariyani

This video is a tribute in that regard. Paethum lovak - Wedding hymns. Thanks to the assistant priest of the Katukurunda Parish, gave this nice hymn. Joy Perera Director of Music for the Recording: Namo Maria Rajni Dayawe Mathruni.

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Why Mother Mary is called Hail and blessed.

Namo Mariyeni - Video. Some other names are following certain visions of our Holy Mother. This is a wonderful version of it.

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It should nourish our souls and develop us into gaining the eternal life. It is the first hymn that many of us learnt in nursery. I in the 's, and vocalized by the veteran singer Latha Walpola. Namo Kanya Maw Mariyani - Marian year hymn. I dedicate it to my Dad Jesus. Facebook Page Like Box:: If we turn to our Blessed Mother in prayer and ask Her for the grace to have peace and silence in our life, than we shall be blessed with silence.

Sapiri saama asiri soma is an age old Sinhala Catholic Hymn sung here by Latha Walpola for the collection of compositions by the great late Rev. It should nourish our souls and develop us into amriyani the eternal life. Namo Mariyeni Video Wmv.

Jesu Jesu Hymn is one of the greatest hymn which have been heard by me. Sometimes God requests us to bear great responsibilities; they may look like burdens on earthly context; but by obeying to do so, we can achieve mariyai blessed state.

Namo Mariya Rajini.. Videos -

Since then this beautiful hymn has been covered by so many singers and also by many choirs for various Christmas events.

Joy Perera Director of Music for the Recording: Adahami Divya Sathprasadeni Sinhala Hymn.

Paethum lovak - Wedding hymns. May this video inspire you to reflect more on the Holy Eucharist under these themes. Its the most perfect definition of love no doubt.

And the famous 1 Corinthian It should be able to transform our lives to become a blessing.

Marian Song/Hymn - Namo Kanya Maw Mariyani - Archdiocese of Colombo

Its an extremely prescious thought for me for the wonderful things my own parents have done for me over the years and even still. Le Kiri Karala Sinhala Hymn. Sharing both earthly material and the good news.

The reflection is on the qualities of Blessed mother Mary and the blessings she recieved during her life mainly and biblical evidence for those.

About 20 results out of 0. The reflection is a collection of wonderful verses on love and verses used during weddings.

Mariya Wasara Theme Song. Its one of the most famous Sinhala hymns sung to honour parents sung in many such occasions over so many years. May God Bless them and may God Bless yours too.

How wonderful is that concept. Baloli Baloliye - Archdiocesan Choir of Colombo.

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