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And we all know what that means. In any case, his English-language dancefloor tune Nothing But The Faith , released regionally in , is the superior song — and while he regrettably keeps his clothes on in this one, his attractiveness is again the main selling point. The guys have announced details of their next single and third overall taken from the album.

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When was the last time you saw a strong, gay, female lead in mainstream media??? Articles on this Page showing articles to of Rainbow has finally returned after a year and nikoljna month of hiatus, releasing their 3rd mini-album Black Swan and accompanying music video of their title track.

The album, still untitled, is scheduled to be released sometime this year via Copenhagen Records and Universal Music. I think Bojan would have liked ancient Greece. Flamingosi have no time for gay-panic anxieties like these, as evidenced in the clip below. I would live these few years back again, with you, forever again.

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We saw in Part 2 how female singers are commonly shown wielding sexual power over a bevy of men in their music videos; by contrast, male singers are typically presented with a single girlfriend or love interest.

As you can see from the above slideshow best clicked through with one handmany male genre stars are explicitly presented as sexual objects in a way not commonly seen in the West. English singer-songwriter and rising hitmaker Jess Glynne is ready to bring back another smash to our playlists.

I only like girls! nlkolina

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If you want more of Bojan, I recommend his summer hit Jedino mojewhich is a banger and a half — perfectly constructed modern turbofolk with massive beats, hook after hook, just the right amount of folk elements and best-in-class production. As of the past few years, male stars have made up a huge amount of ground — not just due to the emergence of a consonant-spewing coterie of hugely popular young male rappersbut because male singers are increasingly major dance-pop stars in their own right.

The follow-up video for song Baraba sees Boban on the run in the UK, trying to pull off a luxury car heist while escaping the clutches of the Metropolitan Police portrayed here with unrealistic competence.

Imagine a mainstream Western pop duo called The Flamingos made up of two straight men who sing carefree songs in pink suits. And the lyrics dobbro the chorus are touching: I hope your holiday period was suitably festive or at the very least tolerable dobfo you were showered with pokloni, ljubav and rakija. Should gay singers in the Balkans risk public opprobrium and career freefall by revealing their orientation, or is it safer and smarter for things to stay the way they are?

Apart from being resident Dj on Nikkolina in Highstreet HoogstratenMarK with a K has often been asked to grace remote venues with his guest performances. This pattern dbro during the s, with songs by male stars generally being safer, rockier, folkier and blokier, while the big take-no-prisoners dance anthems were left largely to the girls, as we saw in Part 2. The guys have announced details of their next single and third overall taken from the album.

Folk singer Vesna Rivas certainly does — she outed Filip in an interview. Contact us about this article.

Well, we're changing that He certainly has the body for it, as can be seen during the second verse, when his huge arms and shoulders are out on display. Young, wealthy and single. If you like people, you touch them, look them in the eye and hug them.

Video - FreshRemix

As doro to distract from these rumours and the fact that Filip is basically Conchita with shorter hair, the videos for all of his subsequent solo singles koac him flirting, cavorting and making out with a female love interest.

Self-employed sincehe writes critically on popular music for Balkanist and Sofabet, and maintains Spotify's most popular Balkan music playlist. We have nothing but the music and we like it like this. This represents a wholesale upending of the Western paradigm by which promiscuous men are held as studs yet promiscuous women as sluts. This is exemplary of the tricky balancing act many genre videos set out to achieve — the queer subtext must be subtle enough to pass over the heads of the straight audience, but explicit enough to maintain the interest doro the gay male audience.

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But notice how, rather than the girl or even the carDado himself remains the object of desire throughout: The song itself is excellent, boasts a brooding brass bassline and killer chorus, and sounds totally unlike anything else in the genre.

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No relationship inaugurated with a wedding cake this comically phallic can come to a good end…. Please Add Photos to your Gallery.

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