Parisienne walkways backing track

Here is my version of the lead guitar part over my own backing: It'd be good to hear them with my backing under - a mini-collaboration! DeadlyChicken Stadium Superstar Posts: Have just watched Justin's lesson on string bending,so back to plenty of practice.

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Parisienne Walkways Gary Moore Guitar Backing Track guitar map scale

And I also thought, my wife is going to come in and kick me if I keep playing this for much longer! Well done on both videos, I like that your playing to your own backing.

I hope you're playing along with it and are aiming to upload your versions soon. I liked the second video too, although it still needs more work. Page created in 0.

Might download it though and use it to learn a stripped down version of Gary Moore's part Backiny intend using it as a backing track and playing the lead guitar over it and then uploading a second video of those two combined. Feel free to download it and use it yourself if you wish.

Have just watched Justin's lesson on string bending,so back to plenty of practice. I have deliberately played this in a very sparse, very simple, very exposed style. Here is the mp3 version shared as an audio file on 4shared: Ragz Stadium Superstar Posts: This is the best of a handful of parisiennf I recorded today.

Parisienne Walkways (Backing Track only without Guitar)

I thought my bending skills were ok too, but I found that this song really tests your feel on the bends, they have to be just perfect, and any misses seem to be miles off. I've been trying the lead part of this song myself and am finding it very hard with all the bending and the vibrato and even a mini version of the monster baxking is gacking for me right now.

I may even include a trac guitar part where there is a little harmony in certain parts of the tune. March 26, Next i expect a full lead and rhythm rendition like Sungha Jung plays here: I have tried doing this song, but am having trouble with the string bends.

But if anyone has suggestions to help me make the next step up and get the skill to do this better I'd welcome your comments. Thanks for the appreciation. DeadlyChicken Stadium Superstar Posts: Very nice, and handy to practice the lead part with. Would love to fingerpick songs tradk I don't have the patience to even begin learning.

Gary Moore - Parisienne Walkways (4) Free Guitar Backing Track

I also messed up my timing on the big lick with the sustained note that I didn't sustain very long. I thought I could maybe do a little better if I spent a bit more time on a few more takes I just couldn't get the right intonation on some of those Great couple of videos, really enjoyed them. DeadlyChicken on March 27, A bit vibrato here and there would do part of that trick thumbs up on the little rundwon on 1: Donate Register Login Main Site.

I shall upload an mp3 of the audio to 4shared later. The best guitar is the one you have in your hands Road Case last update 11 Mar It'd be good walkdays hear them with my backing under - a mini-collaboration! Seems that you know how to play it perfectly but it needs a bit more 'soul'.

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