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Download Features Apps Support. Afterwards you check your target his activity, select your fleet and launch it. Check the distance between all the planets and put the important planets onto your favourites list. The post was edited 2 times, last by Solidarity Oct 17th , I've already adapted my playstyle to cope with launching lots of cargo fleets with the new spy messages, but still manged to send 3 different ones to the same coords this morning.

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Of course we are not active on all the boards. AGO disappeared for me I closed and Opened browser and it came back.

Ogame Themes & Skins

This wil also automatically convert the report for you. NOTE that when you click on the planet locations it doesn't automatically take you to them anymore if you are already in the galaxy view - you have to also click 'GO' at the top. Send your pilots to the hall of fame and your target to the hall of shame. Do you have a problem, question or suggestion? Hope this was helpful to some of you. Or perhaps we are?

Three great forces rule the world: Want to make first contact? Anyway, thanks for the info.

Here are some things I have discovered that may be helpful to the rest of you. Any ideas on how to keep them?

When deploying 1 million Small cargos, it leaves aboutdeuterium for some reason, which for me is not a problem, but be careful if for you this is a different issue! Before antugame start any of this, click on 'Overview' on left hand side. Destroy your target with UniverseView When you have selected your ideal fleet to crash your opponent, you can go back to OGame.

UniverseView is a fast and anhigame add-on for Oggame. Probably many other features of AGO can be re-enabled too, but I figured best to start by removing everything and slowly adding things back in to see what causes issues and what doesn't. When you have selected your ideal fleet to crash your antigane, you can go back to OGame.

Your opponent will be wondering what happened after you have collected your profit. Most fleeters used antigame in V5, got really pretty upset with V6. There isn't yet a way to get the nice sorted table of espionage reports back from AGO the table that showed you summary of resources, debris, defence etcbut at least these change do bring some of the features back!

A simple combat report converter.

UniverseView - A OGame extension

When you click the button, TrashSim will be opened in a new tab. But also his defence if available, antigamr combat technologies and even the correct settings for your OGame server. Download UniverseView for your browser here, it is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera via their official webstores. I tried skynet this morning but couldn't dl it due to my FF32 not being supported. Your browser has JavaScript disabled.

AntiGameOrigin v6

Also if it dissapears you can also go to settings - extension - disable ago then enable and it pops back with all its functions Awaiting tumorrow afternnon for that AGO v6.

Click on the link of your preferred board below. After spying your target you can open TrashSim via your amtigame espionage reports with a single mouse click.

This is alot better Thank ogwme. Well, no problem, there are several ways get in touch. If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. You can read more about it on: Click on 'Fleet' tab of AGO.

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