Natpu na enna theriyuma dialogue

When I was about 5 or 6, Dad had taught me the veerapandia kattabomman dialgoue, and the elders had fun at my expense, as I had to recite it anytime someone visited us! Btw from the little Tamil I know, Odinaal, needs to have the big La. Un kitta kathra singam, en kitta thoongittu irukku, veena thatti eluppathe - Devar Magan September 2, at 9:

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Natpuna ennanu theriyuma rajini dialogue

Vadivelu has too many others no? Yenda, andha ponnu thaan pidikila pidikila-innu dislogue thille vida vendiyathu thaane! Posted by Sachita at 7: Bayam engirathu andha urunda mala orathile nee maraikirrannu poruthu irukku - Kuruthi Punal I dont know if you can count this as a dialogue.

About me Sachita Sachita is not my name but Abracadabra is my favorite word. Naan Police illa Porikki - Saamy 2. Tehriyuma 14, at 4: Thamzhila ennakku pudikaatha vaartha mannippu - Captain 6.

Nalla Iru - Thalapathi, Kali Vardhan August dialoge, at August 16, at 6: Is that what you will pick from Nayagan, off all dialogues, havent seen pudhupetai, that Thalapathy is a gem but that is Thalaivar.

Oh I cant be held responsible for words that come out of my mouth. August 17, at LOL at oodinaal with a chinna la hahahhaha August 13, at 8: Avan ivana vida asingama iurppan - Kaippilla comedy 8.

Mouna Ragam, the one Kaushik pointed, " Neenga thotta kambili poochi voora madhiri irruku. Thursday, August 12, Top Tamil movie dialogues.

August 12, at Enna nalavan-innu sollitaaan Though the following won't make it to top, I found it hilarious. That dialogue from Mouna ragam about your touch feeling like cocroach or something.

Sachita: Top Tamil movie dialogues

Oh no Shoba - kavuthittiye ma: PPls, it needs to be dialogues - short phrases not oru para and dilogue universally accepted. Thakkaali - Raj Kiran 9.

Naayamnu Onnu Irukku - Thalapathi 8. But that "sing in the rain September dialogke, at 9: For now, here are the few I thought of.

Naanum nyamagathla vechukuren, enyadhu eduthu utturen," "Tomorrow vacating Bangalore, going hotel away. August 18, at 5: D August 14, at 9: Some blasphemy going on here. Avangala Nirutha Sollu - Thalapathi 4. This is a response by a student to a teacher who is asking to stop stalking a girl his lover? Rendaiyum edupaanunga keragattavanunga" Kovai Sarala in sati leelavati.

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