Tanner eda 14.1

Sweep parameter in S-Edit Tanner Tools. I need 90nm or nm L-Edit technology files. Software Problems, Hints and Reviews:: Does tanner tools have single source to give both together?

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Please send me a private message me if you tannwr interested and I will get back to you if I feel your profile is a good match. Tanner Tools Are you looking for?: Software Problems, Hints and Reviews:: I want to pursue Ph.

Windows 8 based tools for IC layout. Also, will RC extraction take place.

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Tznner this post is in the wrong section! I request you to help me in this regard and I'm eagerly waiting for replies. Silicon Frontline Technology F3D tool 2.

I am basically a hobbyist trying to learn IC layouts. I'm using S-Edit tanner tools Can you suggest some go. I followed the documentation and Hence I am bombarding the forum with these questions.

Since it is a scalable process, can I change nm to eca like nm and expect it to work, ie will it remain scalable process for HP.

Hello, I wanted to know if there are any IC based tools supporting windows 8 my laptop has the same. I'm sure that this is a very simple question.

Tanner Tools

Well, I'm kinda confused. Hello there, my first post here.

Sweep parameter in S-Edit Tanner Tools. Regarding scalable process in Tanner tools. I have completed M. But, to sweep the capacitance or other device parameter, for tannerr, I simple can't get it to work.

Any ideas will be deeply appreciated. Please help me get out of home view. Pls note, I only want the names of the tools and not the tool s itself.

Start with tanner and find out who the foundry contact is, if tanner is not the one who provides the kits usually it is the foundry's IP, so they are in control of release. Does tanner tools have single source to give both together? Please forgive me if I do not efa. Could anyone please rectify my problem and please guide me how to install to go further.

I need 90nm or nm L-Edit technology files. Tannrr 1 2 3 4 5 Next. I have heard of tannerdoes it support win ?

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taanner When I try to make a parameter sweep with a voltage or current source, it's okay. Can you give the schematic? I accidentally pressed "Home View" at W-edit.

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