The borgias s02e09

You must love him again. May God be with you. Well, how did that happen?

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The Borgias s02e09 Episode Script | SS

Here is a different kind of bonfire. Will love make him a better man? You will be asked why you would accept such a task. And we shall borgiass festivities worthy of such a beautiful Madonna and child.

My brother, the hero. Is that not so? Holiness, your security is paramount. My preference is to eat sardines, Your Holiness. Screaming Crowd shouting Man 1 Heathen!

But now, Cardinal, your attention, please. He can't have lived. I only know, Holy Father, that it is wine. God knows why you're even here.

Bells tolling The man is a bear, Eminence. I testify that Alexander Sextus of Rome is no Pope!

"The Borgias" World of Wonders subtitles English

He trades in the fear of hell. What advice did you give her? And he that follows me will burn.

Rodrigo breathes deeply This abstinence grows tiresome. Praying in Latin - Amen.

One day you'll realise that everything I've done has been for your own good. Share this Rating Title: I humbly beg your blessing to marry your daughter, Lucrezia. You may have one chance, and one chance only, to deliver a fatal dose. Would borgia start another brawl with me? Yes, because you would marry a pauper with a paint brush. We think we know what you are about to say. You would end your pain? Chuckles Th do you shake your head? Calvino Pallavicini, and his good-for-nothing brother, repose at our expense.

Show us your hands. And there, dear sis, lies the difference.

World of Wonders

We are the Pope of Rome. And what is your answer? Because it's not true.

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