Save the location of the Help window on the screen. We test Has corrected a mistake, because of which were replaced not all variable in a line Some probable exceptions are corrected It is a lot of fine improvements and corrections v. Corrected the zooming user interface elements when changing the scale of the screen dots per inch.

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Returns the integer part of 'x' divided by 'y'. Added a newline of character with the code 13, when the result of the plugin is assigned to the array.

If nothing is found, then returns "nil", rather than an empty table. Fixed an error that occurs when you specify a comment in the description of the procedure. Has corrected start uopiot scripts at a clamping of a hot key. Fixed "get clipboard" with "word" parameter. Demanded the size of the area larger than it should be.

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Corrected the function read memory of the client. Redid integer variables in the fractional. The arrays returned by the 'findimage' and 'findcolor' functions in Lua are now numeric.

Removed the type of variables when inserting commands into the Lua script from the drop-down menu. Added 4 independent timers: Added the ability to run scripts "Lua". Added ulpilot the command 'get color' ability to search for a color in the covered windows Added a few unnecessary reserved variables Added a function determining the color on the screen Added calculation of functions in conditional statements. Added a backups system. Corrected calculations with negative numbers.

Added a setting for toggle the command 'kleft' and other in variant of version 2. Fixed bug "EConvertError" at a stop of the script. Slightly enlarged and highlighted button with "certain" color on the tab 'Scripts'. Corrected the error, as a result of which, the UOPilot silently closed when any lua script was interrupted.

The assignment worked only on the calling script. Fixed 'clipboard' in Lua. As a type of search takes the address from the 'GetImage' function.

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After executing the command 'Exec', the variable 'errorlevel' contains the PID of the running process or the error code. Added error codes for command 'findimage'. Fixed the return of the array uopipot Lua, by 'findcolor' and 'findimage' functions.

Now, again, looking for the top down. Distinctions in supported functions for the different versions of the clients version 1. Has added an opportunity of entering in variable colors of a point, on the given coordinates on the screen, with the help of uooilot keyword Color in the command 'Get'.

Corrected displacement of variables in the table of display variables, under certain conditions.

In the function 'findimage' added the ability to search images loaded into memory by specifying the address in memory instead of a file path. Now she must understand the paths with spaces.

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Corrected an infinite loop, at calculation of expressions when value of a variable was its name. Fixed a uolilot in function 'minx' and 'maxx' that occurs if the array name is capitalized, but not English letters. Corrected the return of the error code by the 'findimage' and 'findcolor' functions in Lua, if the parameters are incorrectly specified.

Fixed the error that occurs when executing the Lua script, after stopping it by the UOPilot. In the settings made the text box to specify a new name for the window, next to the check-box "Rename pilot".

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