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I know the prison life very good myself even if I never have been arrested, but my father spend a lot of time here, my husband is doing his second year here, I myself got married to him in prison and my brother is waiting for his 14 years sentence. Aug 24, Chordeva rated it it was amazing. The Siberians here don't even live in Siberia, but in a region between Moldova and Ukraine after exile under the Communists as Siberia became the preserve of the Gulags and the local 'honest' criminals were displaced in the prisons by political prisoners.

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A fiercely proud and independent criminal culture who stubbornly resisted integration under the Communists, now find themselves trying to preserve their independent traditions in the face of the new Russia and Capitalism. Grazie alla forza della narrazione, siberixna mondo incredibile, tragico, dove la ferocia e l'altruismo convivono con naturalezza, diventa a poco a poco familiare e vero.

Nicolai Lilin

They have a strange mix of Orthodox religion and criminality, in which God is used in elliptical codes that the police and authorities can't pierce.

Educazione siberiana by Nicolai Lilin Goodreads Author.

It is based on the allegedly autobiographic novel with the same name written by nicolai lilin, who also known under the real name nikolai verzhbitsky. Transported against their will from their Siberian homeland Nicolai Lilin is all too aware his time to uphold his ethnic tradition of siveriana state criminality is fast approaching. In fact the most money appearing in the book was for a community raised reward to track down the perpetrators of the rape of an autistic girl.

They refer to themselves as men of educzione, bringing the justice of God to their criminal, anti-authoritarian activities. Le regole, l'etica, la struttura sociale; a prescindere dal valore della vita. Trivia About Siberian Libroo At the time of writing this novel, Lilin was a professional tattooist in Italy, bringing his native skills with him. Tuttavia - come ho dedotto dalla lettura del libro di Halter esucazione Stalin era un sadico pazzo maniaco, per cui, se quando voleva essere magnanimo mandava i suoi nemici in Siberia mentre se era proprio arrabbiato non sopravvivevano abbastanza a lungo per essere esiliatinon mi sembra impossibile che, per punire dei siberiani che nel loro paese si trovavano abbastanza bene, possa aver escogitato di spostarli altrove, scegliendo ad esempio la Transnistria attuale Moldavia.

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Educazione siberiana by Nicolai Lilin (5 star ratings)

The Siberians here don't even live in Siberia, In my review of Lilin's other book "Free Fall", I said that his writing about the war in Chechnya knocked the spots off Vietnam War books. Un libro bellissimo che esplora, con gli occhi di un ragazzo siberiano che cresce e matura,le leggi che regolano la malavita russa, i suoi rapporti interni e con lo Stato edcuazione pagine crude e sincere, piene di violenza ma anche di buoni sentimenti.

Exotic, brutal and frankly bizarre, it's a tale of an old culture with all its values and mores that seem to derive from another planet.

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Refresh and try again. I, also ,have learned some new very new things for me from this book! No trivia or quizzes yet. Nicolai Lilin ha solo ventinove anni, ma ha da raccontare una vita straordinaria e un universo che non assomiglia a nessun altro: I picked it up for a couple of pound one day in HMV thinking it sounded interesting and would fill in time at work when nobody was about, never thought I would get so drawn into the story of such an intriguing culture I previously knew nothing about.

Feb 02, Giada rated it it was amazing. Sibwriana book has been translated into 19 languages and distributed in 24 countries, and has reached the interest of cinema.

Nicolai Lilin - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

It's written in a straight forward style that's direct and to the point which I found to be really refreshing. It's hard to see quite why these criminals worked so hard to rob for money, when they didn't really spend it, other than helping out less fortunate sibriana of their community, which usually meant widows of other eeucazione who maybe wouldn't have needed financial help if their men hadn't worked so fatally hard being criminals But now the customs of ''blatnoy'' and siberian urka's are mixed together, no longer are they so different, some of the customs are still alive, some are probably only used by the oldest families in Siberia.

This is a culture that adheres to a strict and complicated moral code and does not recognize the authority of the state, but rather, of their own community. E anche la cultura del tatuaggio, della pelle che dice il destino di ognuno. On se perd dans les noms et les histoires.

Chi sono gli uomini "per bene"? Without a doubt the most fascinating, shocking and moving book I've ever read.

Et indblik i en ukendt verden. The money is really only spent on every day living, guns and religious icons. This chapter was seriously fascinating and alienating in equal counts.

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