Sign in Already have an account? I suppose you could change the file extension from fsn to pln but willing to bet FSFS will throw up at this point! A while ago I stumbled over a website that says that FS Navigator 4. Posted December 16, Social networks or forums I usually stay away, so this is an exception.

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Please take a minute to move your mouse over all of the icons to see what they do.

Flight Academy

You'd like that one. This donation keeps our doors open and providing you service 24 x 7 x How to dsnavigator items from the search window into the flight plan window. Classified, Want, Swap Ads.

Originally Posted by pugthewiffywombat. It is not a freeware copy!!!!!!

FSNavigator (free version) download for PC

A while ago I stumbled over a website that says that FS Navigator 4. Take a min to review the information that is now available in the flight plan window before we move ahead and finalize this flight plan.

This will bring up anything that resembles the airport name including all Navaids. Hence my comment that I hope Brian still has his registration information.

Pretty sweet move isn't it? If it is not, you are not at the end of end of the runway with your pointer. The flight plan is now looking a little more reasonable except that on arrival we will need to make a degree turn to intercept the ILS. Forum Members Last Login: Your window should now look like this. Results 1 to 10 of The bottom right window is the Map Window used to see your current progress in the flight as well as for adding waypoints to your flight plan.

What fun is that? This will give you the info you need to get started fsnavitator and using this web site. Posted Sunday, October 04, 3: If the ONE person in that thread who claims it works without limit is telling the truth how can we be sure?

We are one click away from this all making some sense. You can also right click on the runway and use the popup window to move your aircraft to here though this is not suggested. The problem is that you can no longer pay to register which means that it is only of use to those who have already registered.

Just my take on the subject. Drag the FG intersection into the flight plan just above the 13R runway line. With the search window option, you will search for your departure airport, insert the departure runway, then search for the arrival airport and insert the arrival runway.

What actually happened at the time was that it suddenly became impossible to register the software and nobody knew why. Posted Tuesday, October 06, 7: Do that now and choose a in the drop down menu.

Using FSNavigator

There are two simple ways to build a flight plan, one by using the Search Window and one by using the World Map. I would be very surprised if there were a problem.

I'm sorry to say that's another "non-fact" on that website you are quoting. Please see this 3 page thread from If you have two computers as well, you can have it connected fsnavigatro the map on one and use it as a GPS for your flight.

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