Glee project s02e06

Right before the final three are announced, Aylin and Charlie cuddle up in a corner and share a few kisses as they talk about how much they'll miss each other if one of them goes. If you ask me, nobody seemed to take the homework assignment seriously enough. And one more thing, they finally get slushied. It was actually the only last chance performance this season so far that gave me chills, literally.

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Not feelin' confident this week, are we?

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It was actually the only last chance performance this season so far that gave me chills, literally. No word that ends in -ability?

It was so good. So either way, I'll be here and it'll be fun. The Glee Project Season 2: But it probably ends up being, I think, the best homework assignment of the season. And everyone was freaking out because it's very fast-paced, it's a rap for a change, and there's barely any time to breath, because it's line after line after line.

When the callback list is put up, Charlie has run out of chances and is eliminated from the competition.

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Nellie - "If I Were A Boy" by Projeft That's a big song by a big artist for a girl who can barely make eye contact with people without feeling embarrassed. And one more thing, they finally get slushied. They have so much on-screen chemistry. Lily won the homework assignment.

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How many more chances does this kid get? Ryan reminds her that she has a big responsibility, given that she'd be the first Muslim on Glee. Nellie did "If I Were a Boy," and it sounded great. He's not there to be her psychologist.

She needs to get over her insecurities and start fighting. Aylin, she may not be my favorite, but she did take "Take a Bow" by Rihanna and she did incredible. So I'll see you guys then. And she totally didn't make any excuses when she was on set, on the shoot. He seemed more focused on his relationship with Aylin than breaking into the television business.


And Lily actually ended up doing relatively well in the video. Nellie and Abraham do well with the vocals, but Michael is back glre struggling.

I trust Jane Lynch's judgement. I'm not sure he wanted it as much as the rest. And it was great. Lily ends up being declared the winner, perhaps because Aylin won the week before.

The choreography, I was actually really surprised. Uploaded by DanceOn on She s20e06 that song.

And the moves were great. Ali begs to have slushies thrown in her face, then breaks down crying when they are, but she recovers quickly, impressing everyone around her. Go back to the previous page.

He sounded great and his unpredictability promect make him really interesting to watch but seriously, dude. He runs around the stage, jumps into the audience, changes the words Now, your gossip for the week, Aylin and Charlie are a thing again, and I really have nothing to say about that.

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