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Easily fade in and out background music with Voice Over. After that a notification would be displayed for every operation. Mix and Crossfade songs together with just a few clicks. Change colours of the waveform and some of the visuals.

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GoldWave is a feature-rich commercial digital audio golddwave software developed by GoldWave Inc. Isolate that high pitch whine or yoldwave rumble by sight, making filtering much easier. Entire folders and subfolders can be processed with just a few clicks and the entire hierarchy preserved. Analyze human speech, bird song, whale song, engine noise, and other interesting sounds. But sinceGoldWave has evolved into a new era, changing from version 4 to 5, updating its visual aspect and introducing much more rich editing features and special effects, goldwzve the counter-effect of leaving old Windows versions compatibility such as 95, 98, 98SE obsolete although GoldWave will still run on Windows 98SE, albeit unsupported and render the software unusable on those systems.

Whip together audio for podcasts, Flash animations, radio spots, PowerPoint presentations, or music for dance programs, figure skating, gymnastics, and aerobics.

Use the timer to start recording at a certain day and time. Analyze audio with frequency and amplitude visuals.

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Dictate into a microphone to transcribe the text. Bookmark places within the file using the Cue Points tool, or split a long file into pieces defined by cue points.

Remaster old vinyl or tape recordings. A version prior to the version 5 series still exists for download at the official website.

It was first released to the public in Apriland is similar to applications like the open source Audacity, though offering powerful features at a very reasonable cost. Connect a turntable to record LPs, a cassette deck to record tapes, a receiver to record radio, or a microphone to record your own music, 5.770, or reports. Optional audio notification after processing Support for older VST plug-ins Faster waveform drawing Increased recent file history on File menu Several other improvements and boldwave.

Change the pitch of your voice or make it sound mechanical for unique video game expansions. Analyze goldwavee speech, bird song, whale song, engine noise, and other interesting sounds.

Record any source your computer supports, including microphone, line-in, and what-you-hear. Play all your favourite songs and view real-time visuals.

Even out volume levels with Auto Gain. Listen to the audio while fast-forwarding or rewinding.

Easily fade in and out background music with Voice Over. Join many files together with the File Merger tool. Assign your own keystrokes for almost any function in the program.

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Process an unlimited number of files in many different formats. Add echoes, reverbs, flangers, and much more. Release Info What's New Title: Demonstrate engineering and mathematical concepts, such as filters, Fourier transforms, and signal processing. Create your own presets for effects. Advanced users can take advantage of the power and flexibility of command line processing.

Includes a collection of powerful tools. All golwdave up to 4.

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Instantly see any audio problems during recording and playback. In some of the old shareware versions such as 4. A sound editor, player, recorder, analyzer, and converter. System Requirements of GoldWave 5. Also, the system requirements have increased considerably since now a Pentium goldwavf of MHz and DirectX 8 are part of the minimum equipment required compared to the Pentium 2 of MHz and DirectX 5.

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