Hothon se choo lo tum jagjit singh

This page was last edited on 9 December , at For the super-hit Nepalese movie, visit Prem Geet His marriage is fixed with Asha against his will.

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Laxmi Bhardwaj Showkar Janaki. Amar Shashi Ranjan to hide the same from Shikha to save her from any shock and keep her happy. Laxmi takes for her pregnancy. It stars Raj Babbar and Anita Raj in pivotal roles. Raj Babbar Anita Raj. Asha Rajni Sharmahis sister's friend loves him, but he doesn't reciprocate her feelings. For the Nepalese film, see Prem Geet film.

Hothon Se Choo Lo Tum (Prem Geet) - Jagjit Singh Song - BBC Music

After 3 months of marriage, symptoms starts to show up as dizziness and vomiting, which Mrs. They are married with the initial disapproval of his mother and sister, but later everyone start liking her. This was the debut film of actress Anita Raj. He convinces his father for his marriage with Shikha, informing him about her medical condition.

The song "Hotho Se Hhothon Tum" was the main highlight of the movie. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. She asks Asha to look after Akash after her death. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

His marriage is fixed with Asha against his will. Amar, she is informed that Akash as well as his father know of this and she asks her doctor not to disclose the fact to them that she also is aware of her condition.

In a party during the song "Hothon Se Chhulo Tum", she finally found out who the hero actually is and the love story starts. Unknowing of the fact that he is the famous poet Nishant whom she likes, siingh insults him.

Whereas the gynecologist Shammi asks her to go for complete checkup, she finds out about her disease. Akash asks his doctor friend Dr.

Honton Se Choo Lo Tum - Jagjit Singh's Evergreen Classic Song - Prem Geet

She dies on stage while performing for a charity function on her birthday after the song "Tumne Kya Kya Kiya Jaghit Humare Liye", telling the hero that she knows everything and is thankful to him for cyoo the happiness he has given her. For the super-hit Nepalese movie, visit Prem Geet The film was proved a hit at the box office. His father, who wants to see him as a qualified doctor, doesn't approve of the relationship. Retrieved from " https: This article about a Hindi film of the s is a stub.

Bhardwaj Madan Puri and mother Mrs. Here the story takes a turn as Shikha is diagnosed as suffering from a Brain Tumor in the final stage and has only few more days remaining to live. On a college excursion to Shimla, he comes across famous dancer Shikha Anita Raj and falls in love with her.

Lyrics In Hindi - लफ़्ज़ों का खेल: होंठों से छू लो तुम - Hothon Se Chhoo Lo Tum (Jagjit Singh)

This film gives name and fame to Raj Babbar. This page was last edited on 9 Decemberat Akash Bhardwaj Raj Babbar is a famous poet under the pen name Nishant, which is unknown to his father Mr.

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