Muddugare yashoda priya sisters

In the first stanza 'Diddarani mahimala devaki suthudu' should be attributed to Krishna not Devaki. I need atleast a week. Sowmya Carnatic music has a very ancient and traditional background. Sunayana Rongali May 22, at Please feel free to be specific if you think otherwise.

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For the Sun it is ruby, called manik in Hindi, and maanikyam in Telugu. Thanks for your comment, Srinivas. Swara Music Academy is an online International Music Gurukul offers valuable lessons from great masters so that students all over the world can access them at a. Hi Igopired, I started the blog, so thought should send you the first translation.

I have yashdoa strong feeling that "bayani" as a word exists existed during Annamayya times atleast in Telugu because Annamayya has used this word in more than one keerthana. Mudugaare Yashoda Mungita mutyam In this stanza, Annamayya prriya praises Yashoda, Devaki and Krishna at the same time.

Pearl is Moti in Hindi. We passionately strive to bring the best music learning methods to thousands of students all over the world and make a difference by inspiring the world to learn music the right way from renowned teachers.

Sri Annamayya Lahiri

Shyama June 27, at 1: For the mars it is red coral, moonga in Hindi, and pagadam in telugu. This is really helpful.

This is the best translation I have come across: Annamayya adeptly describes Vishnu as jewel between shanka and chakra. Here Annamayya describes the two mothers of Krishna. Thank you very much! Or, Annamayya could be referring to the point that among the various treasures the milky ocean holds, Vishnu who resides in it, is the most precious gem.

This is a very sweet muddugae by Ananmacharya that oozes out with his love for the Lord Krishna and his knowledge about the jewels gems. Carnatic music has a very ancient and traditional background. I hope I was able to answer your question.

Muddu gare Yashoda mungita muthyamu veedu Diddaraani mahimala Devaki suthudu Anthanintha gollethala arachethi manikyamu Panthamaade Kamsuni pa. Can I use your website and the other links that you have mentioned as a reference to translate these keerthanalu to Marathi?

Such a wonderful song. In the first stanza 'Diddarani mahimala devaki suthudu' should be attributed to Krishna not Devaki.

I am still searching for the meaning that can be authenticated with a strong reference. I have updated the blog with Hindi words for the nine gems, as per your suggestion.

Priya Sisters at SSVT Maryland 13 April -

I really felt awed reading this as I got to know how Annammayya put in such small words this intense and rich meaning. However, the application of the term Ca YouTube. You have done a wonderful job at explaining this to commoners like me allowing us to appreciate the beauty of telugu and understand the rich literature background we possess. Shyama June 4, at 6: Here, Annamayya describes Rukmini and the three things associated with Krishna and Vishnu.

Part of 'Vande Guru Paramparaam' spiritual musical series.

I know for sure that as long as you reference their work, there should not be any problem with copyrights, if sistrrs were thinking of that. Anonymous July 20, at 9: I am a bharatnatyam dancer and I want to use this keerthanam

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