Robson moura fusion 2

Outside half set-up Essentially, Robson points to 4 ways with which your opponent can mess up the intitial set up and he gives you the appropriate counters to each which work pretty well. Elbow Trap to Armbar 1 Knee on Back 5.

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Robson Moura - Fusion 2

Cross Guard to Takedown Cross arm to back control 5. Like his first explosive instructional series, the all new Fusion 2 is based on Jiu-Jitsu with the Kimono and takes on all the more advanced aspects of his fight game and strategy not covered in the first series. Double Lapel Crucifix 7. High Guard Dual Trap Armbar 4. Forward Control Switch Double Leg to Armbar 7.

Controlling the distance 7. Arm Ride to Armbar 3 Leg Up Sweep 1 8. Outside Elbow Attack 3. Arm Control Sweep 2 Spin under elevator Marcelo Garcia - Series 1 - Score: Position Control 1 2.

Wrist Trap to Omoplata 2 9. Robson Moura - Fusion 2.

Robson Moura Fusion Modern Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructional DVDs

Position Control 1 3. Dual Leg Control Sweep Outside half pass Related products Customers also bought.

Double Leg to Armbar 7. Arm Control Sweep 2 Finishing the Brabo Interestingly enough, Robson fuzion isn't quite sure if it fuwion the 93 Guard or the 92 Guard as he uses both terms to describe this new position. Robson Moura - Fusion. Inside Arm Sweep 2 6.

Arm Ride to Armbar 3 Some of his techniques are repeats from his Fusion 1 DVD but there aren't many and it made sense to include them into certain places.

Robson Moura Fusion 2 - Brazilian Jiu-jitsu DVDs | eBay

Forward Control Switch Single Lapel Pass 4. Far side knee slide 6. For other techniques you end up in your opponents guard even though you are in a good guard pass position.

Little Hands Choke Spider to SL guard 2. Marcelo Garcia - Series 2 - Score: Yes, we know animals grapple.

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