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I had not realised it, but under the Config Tab, there is a setting called " Delay ", I take this to be the delay between the programmer writing to consecutive addresses, it was originally set as us. Voltage diagnostic bug fixes. From what i can tell it is on old versions of the top Win 10 32 bit Win 10 64 bit OR Installer in. I have not tried this myself yet, but certainly will the next time I use the programmer, it may be that the "fix" is for Windows 7 x32 and may not work under x

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Win 10 32 bit Win 10 64 bit OR Installer in. Does not supporting long file name. I bought one of these from China off ebay. Thanks to GB who provided this signed driver.


The new version GQ-4x4 hardware has two beep sounds from programmer when it is power on. Bin binary format file convertion utility. More other chips updates. OR you may need to disable the signature enforcement. I originally thought that it was likely to be a power problem, that the TOP could not generate the required voltage with enough current from the USB port. I have had a couple of reports that the "fix" doesn't work, but I will leave the file here just in case it is useful to anyone.

The software works on Windows XP,Vista,7,8,8. It needs USB driver 3.

After doing some "tuning" of this parameter, To;853 found that I could write to the with a Delay setting of 1ms. There is no sofgware power input, though there is a header on the PCB that you could connect to if required. I tried using one of these USB "Y" cables that are intended to provide additional power for external hard drives - which did not appear to help. File format conversion from.

TOP Universal USB Programmer

My next thought was that since the device did look like it had started to write the program - getting as far as h, I started to wonder if there was some sort of buffer overflow or write speed issue at work. Again, if you can wade through the Chinglish manual, it seems to recommend a write speed of ms. I'm not sure how they can get softwaree with, or example, saying that the programmer " Support 5V device only ", then stating that it supports devices that require much higher voltages to program but not to read them.

This driver does not work on older version GQ-4X. Whilst it does work, I'm not sure that using a programmer with a potentially low programming voltage can be good for the long term reliability of the EPROM, if I were blowing EPROMs for critical applications, I would upgrade to a better quality programmer, but for hobbyist use, I plan on sticking with the TOP programmer at the moment.

To get fully functional software, the software needs registration and activation code. And it works with JDM programmer, Willem programmer and other programmer. Depending on which ebay shop you use, you may find some discrepancies in the advertised specifications! Not all of the adverts on ebay make it clear what devices the TOP USB programmer is compatible with, there is often a list or hyperlink to a huge range of programmable Softwrae, such as the link above, but some adverts describe this programmer as supporting 5V devices, others say that it only works with 5V devices and others make no mention of the programming voltages supported at all.

Top Win 7 Univsrsal.

Top853 General Programmer Burner TOP853 USB Universal Programmer EPROM MCU GAL PIC

DOS version Willem programmer software. Motorola S record format conversion utilities.

Current protection function, effectively protects the programmer and devices. If you need to do this, you might have a setting in your computers BIOS to change the usb to 1. I have read you need to slow down usb speed. Voltage diagnostic bug fixes.

However, I recently came across this information from hondaville. From what i sodtware tell it is on old versions of the top The number of chips supported is not updated since

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