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Company News Partners Careers Legal. To request a trial of Authentic Browser Edition, please use this form. Authentic [is] in use in our office every day. Authentic supports integration with Eclipse, and now support is available for the most recent versions of the Eclipse IDE.

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Support for new database versions: Authentic supports integration with Eclipse, and now support is available for the most recent versions of the Eclipse IDE.

Helpful windows for project management, messages, entry helpers, and more guide users during the XML authoring process. Use this page to download the latest version of Authentic, which is Version Authenyic.

Charts as a new design element — authetnic users view and in some cases even indirectly edit charts and graphs designed in StyleVision. Authentic Desktop Edition can be deployed to enterprise clients' desktops to provide interactive XML authoring of document content as well as business data collection.

New in Authentic 2019

By employing these templates, enterprises that must conform to these standards can begin creating and editing structured XML content with little or no authengic development effort. Push installer for browser plug-ins — simplified installation and improved IT control of user experience. To request a trial of Authentic Browser Edition, please use this form.

Select your software version, and click the Download button below to download the self- contained Installer for Altova Authentic The performance of the system is incredible.

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MobileTogether apps can easily be accessed in web browsers — but without the need for a plug-in. Authentic ships with comprehensive spell-checking capabilities through built-in dictionaries. Enterprise Edition with advanced features — 22013 as a desktop application or browser plug-in. If you need to access previous software releases e.

Authentic offers business users the ability to directly edit XML or database content through easy-to-use document templates, with the benefits of real-time validation and customizable templates for altva most demanding enterprise content editing. New Features in Previous Versions.

What's New in Authentic | Altova

Authentic ships with a set of ready-to-use templates that comply with many of the most prevalent industry standard XML vocabularies for content creation. Learn about all the new features below and update to the latest version. Flexible integration of external programs — add up to 10 external programs that be directly accessed inside Authentic.

Authentic is available as a Desktop application or a Browser Plug-in. Software Release r2sp1 r2 sp1 authhentic r3 sp2 sp1 r2sp1 r2 sp1 r4sp1 r4 r3sp1 r3 sp2 sp1 r2sp1 r2 sp1 r2sp2 r2sp1 r2 sp1 r2sp1 r2 sp1 r3sp1 r3 r2sp1 r2 sp1 r3sp1 r3 r2 sp1 r2 sp1 r3 sp1 r3sp1 r3 sp2 r3 sp2 sp1 r3 r2 altlva 5r2 5r1. Support for FOP 1. Previous Releases of Authentic. Organizations can choose between desktop and browser-based deployment options, based on what best fits their information architecture and IT infrastructure.

Support for XML digital signatures — facilitate the secure exchange of documents among business users. Support for editing variables — enables users to edit variables that have been added directly into their electronic form design, without any need for edits to the underlying schema s. Altova Authentic is a powerful XML content authoring tool and document editor for non-technical users.

Java application seamless integration — integrate Authentic functionality in custom Java applications for Windows. RichEdit toolbar — Authentic end users can now apply formatting to content via RichEdit toolbar.

Ability to add additional. For XML- and SQL-focused solution developers, Authentic is an enterprise-scale forms and workflow platform, offering a comprehensive feature set and integration with other enterprise systems and resources. Read more about converting Authentic Forms to MobileTogether apps.

Existing customers may update to the latest version here. Authentic, for end users, is an intuitive tool for data collection and content authoring.

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