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Manages sets of plot files and spools files to designated ports. Create a drawing book from multiple plotted pdf files! Results are optionally linked to allow automatic update on drawing open. Dialog based Alias Editor.

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Joins multiple secondary tables to the bottom of a primary. Edits attributes of blocks in spreadsheet.

Add ToolPac functionality to third party software and even custom menus without problems. Compares two drawings, displaying differences in an empty drawing with generated report.

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Automatically moves multiple logical sheets in named views old single paperspace to separate layout sheets. Changes hardcoded image, xref, style, and shape paths in multiple drawings. Search for text across multiple pdfs. Quickly freeze or thaw selected layers in all viewports on multiple selected layouts.

Controls layouts including ordering, editing, renaming, creation, and plotting tools. Generates a ready to print html document of selected images with thumbnail and related details. Dialog yoolpac variable editor.

Productivity Tools for AutoCAD, BricsCAD and IntelliCAD - ToolPac Software

Collects multiple inserts at the same insertion point and replaces them with a single block inheriting all like attributes. Quickly opens hyperlinked documents in a previously selected set or as repeatedly picked. First we added backward compatibility with older versions of Excel back to and the abilility to create older drawing files format. For example, converting from most formats to PNG can save file space with no loss of image dotskft.

As each symbol or collection of symbols is added to the manager, it is assigned a group name. Draw polylines by distances and numerous angle options. View pages in multiple pdfs, zoom, scroll and page controls, highlights results of searches.

Quickly change the drive and path or other fields on all symbols or only the current group. Scans multiple drawings or an entire drive and returns a list of files containing 'educational' designation. If the picked end is curved, the proper tangent is used as if you were still in the polyline command with the arc mode on.

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An easy to use system for managing a collection of drawings. To Polylines or 3dFaces. When you begin a command the designated layer is set current, and when the command completes the previous current layer is restored. Thank you for visiting our web site. Allows creation fotsoft over symbolic line types arrows, bullets, numbers, shapes, etc or text based line types.

Includes a Manager to add, edit and remove data block links. AutoCAD is no exception, our leading products are fully compatible and ready to go immediately after it ships.

Draw multiple independent hatchs. Professional version includes additional doteoft to assist in data transfer to and from Excel. Aggressively purges multiple drawings, more rigorous than built-in purge. Allows selective unerase of objects at any point in editing session. Assign by layer using a dialog. Use your favorite editor to store notes anywhere on your network and reference the text multiple times if necessary as mtext objects.

Various methods and options, masks attributes and binds to the block so they move together. Snaps definition points on linear objects to nearest found nodal objects or the drawing grid.

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